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First Solar Corporate Charitable Fund

Presentation :

The First Solar Corporate Charitable Fund seeks to improve the quality of life in communities around the world. Emphasis is placed on programs that support our corporate giving values:

  • A focus on “green” education initiatives
  • Access to clean energy and water in underserved areas
  • Furthering the development of innovative and sustainable technologies

Priority is given to organizations that make a significant impact in communities that share our giving values. The Fund seeks to support projects and services through the donation of solar modules and systems. In addition to requests for donation of modules, applications may include a request for grant funds to support the project.

Application contents : 

To be considered for a module donation, organizations must submit a proposal that contains the following components:

Provide information about the purpose of the request, including information regarding the proposed use of the modules and the requested grant funds.

State the specific project or service that would be impacted by the modules. If appropriate, identify the population that would benefit.

Explain in sufficient detail the proposed plan, including but not limited to the size of the proposed project (KW or MW) as well as a timeline for installation of the needed modules and the proposed maintenance of the modules. Physical space constraints as well as Balance of Systems (BoS) needs should be explained as well.

Provide information regarding how the proposed module donation would further the mission and work of the applicant organization, specifically identifying the ways in which it would support one of First Solar’s areas of emphasis.

If grant funds are being requested, specify the use of those grant funds and identify any sources of in-kind support for the project.

Funding :

$10,000 to $15,000 (USD).

For more information, please go to the First Solar Corporate Charitable Fund.

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