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Stelios Philanthropic Foundation


The mission of the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation is to support philanthropic activities primarily in the places where the founder has lived and worked : the UK, Greece, Cyprus and Monaco, but also in France, The Philippines and USA.

The Foundation gives support in four main ways :

1. funding scholarships for young people to study at the academic institutions where Stelios himself was educated: London School of Economics and City University in London and the Doukas High School in Athens, Greece.

2. supporting entrepreneurship with cash prizes to stimulate economic growth and job creation. In the UK awards are given, in conjunction with Leonard Cheshire (a UK charity) to entrepreneurs with a disability. In Cyprus the cash prizes are given to teams that include both a Greek Cypriot and a Turkish Cypriot as a way of promoting bi-communal cooperation and hence helping establish lasting peace on the island. In Greece awards are given to young entrepreneurs.

3. donating money to charities (grants) in the areas of focus such as supporting environmental projects with WWF and the Foundation of Prince Albert of Monaco and  also other worthy local charities.

4. operating a programme in Greece and Cyprus called “Food from the heart” that offers, each working day, without discrimination, snacks to people in need who register at the various points of distribution.  This is a cost effective way to help a large number of people in extreme poverty by giving enough food to live another day, on a regular basis. So far approximately 40,000 people have registered to receive “Food from the heart” and currently about 25,000 snacks are distributed per day.


Entre 1 000 £ et 10 000 £. See FY 2018.

For more information, please visit the website.

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