Mission UKRAINE – External evaluation consultancy – Base: Moldova

Date : 14/03/2024

Deadline date for reply : 08/04/2024

Start Date: 15/04/2024

End Date: 30/06/2024

Location: Moldova and remotely

Reference of the CFT/Consultancy : RMO_AFD_001_RMO_24



Solidarités International is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that specializes in providing humanitarian aid and assistance to populations affected by crises and emergencies around the world. Founded in 1980 in France, Solidarités International operates with a mission to address the immediate needs of vulnerable communities and contribute to their long-term resilience.



Solidarités International (SI), Humanity and Inclusion (HI) and Médecins du Monde (MdM) have formed a consortium to jointly address the problems related to the reception of Ukrainian refugees in Moldova. This joint initiative is part of a project funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Fondation de France (FDF). Within this consortium, SI plays a leading role and HI and MdM are actively involved as valuable partners. The project is designed to strengthen social cohesion and resilience in Moldovan society in response to the complex challenges posed by the growing number of Ukrainian refugees.




The purpose of the final evaluation is to provide a comprehensive and objective assessment of the project’s effectiveness, efficiency, and impact. The evaluation serves the following purposes:

  • To assess whether the project achieved its intended objectives and delivered the planned results.
  • To identify and analyze the successes, challenges, and lessons learned during the project implementation including gaps in humanitarian assistance that the project could not cover.
  • To gather input from various stakeholders, including beneficiaries, local partners, and government entities, regarding their perceptions of the project’s relevancy and effectiveness.

To offer data and insights that can be used to refine programmatic strategies and inform future project designs including comparative analysis of relevancy between regions and sectors.

The evaluation is intended to cover the entire duration of the project. The evaluation will primarily focus on the relevance and coherence of the project and whether the strategy, activities, and implementation were appropriate and sufficient to respond to the stated goals and purposes (general and specific) of the project. The evaluation will also seek to generate information (findings and recommendations) on the processes underlying the coordination, and implementation of activities in the project.

The evaluation will aim to assess all themes and sectors of activities undertaken by SI, HI, MDM, and implementing partners. The evaluation will include collecting information, data, and feedback from external project stakeholders as well as internal stakeholders, such as project staff and implementing staff. In addition, the evaluation will seek to identify, and include, if and where appropriate, persons (organizations or beneficiaries) who did not participate in the project.



Starting date (tentative): 15/04/2024 (kick-of meeting)

AFD project documents reading, reports review and first interview with main AFD project staff: between contract signature and field mission

Mission on site in Republica Moldova: 10 to 20 days, preferably in April 2024, or in May 2054 including 2 days (minimum) of briefings and accompanied field visit. Local partners are informed and must be visited.

Period of question/answer and investigation (including review process of the final report) (tentative): 31/06/2024



The evaluator and/or evaluation team is expected to possess the following capacities and skills:

  • Knowledge of the context in Moldova
  • Knowledge of the Moldovan Health system
  • Experience in evaluation and research at least 3 years in evaluation of projects or equivalent
  • Skills in qualitative and quantitative methods, including data collection approaches and techniques, and data analysis – at least 2 positive experiences over the past 5 years

Gender-balanced composition if the evaluation team is composed of more than two persons.



Questions must be sent by the 25/03/2023 at 11:59pm at the following address: kiv.log.mgr@solidarites-moldova.org

Full application must be sent by the 08/04/2023 at 10:00am at the following address: kiv.log.mgr@solidarites-moldova.org

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