Reinforcing VANI-Coordination SUD partnership 2005-2008 perspectives

Following the 14.10.2003 “Memorandum of basic principles for an organised collaboration between VANI & Coordination SUD” that introduced a close relationship between our Indian and French national federations of NGOs, the “18.01.2004 “Mumbai Declaration” promoting “Common Action between the NGO Federations of Brazil, France and India” and the 19.01.2004 World Social Forum workshop of national federations, VANI and Coordination SUD expressed their wish to reinforce their previous and successful ongoing cooperation.

This programme reflects the proposals of M. Gopal, VANI representative and Director of the Centre for Environmental Concern and M. Henri Rouillé d’Orfeuil, President of Coordination SUD expressed in a meeting that took place in Paris, March 15th 2004. For the upcoming 2005-2008 period, VANI and Coordination SUD express their commitment to follow up 4 major issues :

1) NGOs : strengthening institutional capacity building and independence – Organising exchanges to learn about codes of conduct of NGO federations – Providing training in networking, structuration of the NGO field, organisation, advocacy, economic, social and cultural rights etc… – Providing support to NGOs whose independence is threatened by their government – Creating communication tools to facilitate distribution of information related to the national federations’ need.

2) Indian/French civil society bilateral exchanges : building mutual understanding for joint actions – Organizing common seminars, workshops, events between VANI and Coordination SUD which would be opened to members, social movements, and researchers on :

  • NGOs and governance – including tools for enhancement of governance
  • Social finance
  • Agriculture
  • Promoting Indian civil society in France and French civil society in India
  • Non governmental diplomacy These exchanges will include representatives of VANI and Coordination SUD and, for both countries their members, academics, journalists, and other social movements representatives…

3) International cooperation for international events and campaigns : building an effective coalition of national federations on international issues – Defining common positions between VANI, Coordination SUD and other national federations – Preparing campaigns and events – Building international alliances with the NGO world – Influencing decision-makers This international cooperation will deal mostly with the following issues :

4) Implementing effective communication tools for collective action and reflection : – creating dedicated spaces on our websites to allow exchanges of information and experience on issues mentioned above.
Follow up of international negotiations detailed belowow.

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