Principes de partenariat VANI-Coordination SUDMemorandum of understanding VANI-Coordination SUD

Between VANI (Voluntary Action Network India) 457, 3d floor, Chirag Delhi, New Delhi – 110 017 India, represented by Mr. Anil K. Singh, Executive Secretary, and Coordination Sud, 14 passage Dubail, 75010 Paris (France), represented by Mr. Henri Rouillé d’Orfeuil, President, the following principle of an organized collaboration between the two platforms have been defined :

  1. Information exchange
    VANI as well as Coordination Sud can act as “clearing houses”, providing data base on NGOs, currents programs concerning NGOs, information on guidelines for partnerships, facilities, available services to create local contacts, current & significant events…. Communication through internet will be developed, by giving access to all platform members to : – existing documents available on website – specific communication tools concerned with the activities of the agreement – experience & proposal files, lessons learned. To help this, a maximum of hyperlinks will be introduced in the texts ; and a dedicated page will be created in both VANI and CS websites for information on the partnership.
  2. Partnership in policy advocacy
    Willing to experiment together a new form of “non-governmental diplomacy”, CS and VANI will – share information on campaigns, and on international conferences where advocacy is needed. – act as relay for advocacy vis-à-vis public authorities in both countries, and international sphere – create a mid-term data actualized address list of contact persons for existing platforms on any subject.
  3. Partnership in capacity building
    sharing of expertise – sharing information to access resources. – Organising exchange visit of key staff to each countries.
  4. Facilitating local contacts for CS & VANI members, or even non-members
    (e.g. through training centre facilities)
  5. Multilateralization of platform collaboration
    Both parts have the wish that bilateral platform collaboration be extended to other countries. A first concretization of this intention will be the joint organization (VANI, Coordination Sud & Brazilian ABONG) of a workshop and a seminar on questions related to non-governmental diplomacy during the World Social Forum in January 2004 in Mumbai.
  6. Monitoring and evaluation of the partnership and documentation of this

New Delhi, October 14th, 2003
Mr. Anil K. Singh (President of VANI)
Mr. Henri Rouillé d’Orfeuil (President of Coordination SUD)

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