Desired start date: 15/11/2018
Duration of the mission:
 12 months
Location: Amman


The Syria mission is dedicated to work on recently opened and challenging areas to provide lifesaving activities to the population affected by the conflict. Main current activities are related to emergency wash (water distribution and rehabilitation) and distribution of essential NFI (winterization) and cash.  The mission is expanding through a major consortium, the LEARN (Linking Emergency Assistance and Response in Northeast Syria) with 4 partners led by SI. The consortium will support equitable and safe access to essential basic services including WASH, Shelter and Health, for the most vulnerable populations affected by conflict and displacement in Northeast Syria.

There are 3 implementing bases in Syria with the coordination in Amman. The total financial volume of the mission will increase to 13.5 million EUR from the end of 2018. The mission will reach a number of 60 expatriates and 340 national employees.



General objective:

The logistics coordinator steers a mission’s logistical activities in order to ensure that Solidarités International in-country programs run smoothly.

He/she implements Solidarités International mission procedures and logistical tools, and ensures that they are properly used and adhered to.

He/she participates in defining Solidarités International’s mission strategy, in drawing up projects and in assessing the resources needed for Solidarités International activities.

He/she supports the Country Director in operational security management.

He/she is the point of reference for the mission and serves as the link between headquarters and the mission for all matters relating to logistics.

The main challenges:

  • Under the supervision of the Country Director and the Logistics Desk manager, the Logistics Coordinator will implement and supervise all logistics operations at his/her assigned mission.
  • The supply for North East Syria will be ensured by a supply hub, directed by a supply coordinator
  • He/she will organize logistics support for the SI’s Syrian mission, in keeping with Solidarités International procedures.
  • He/she will assist the Country Director in the implementation of safety rules.

Priorities for the 2/3 first months:

  • Launching all operations regarding the Consortium
  • Upgrading the logistics department capacity to answer the needs from the field.
  • Training and follow up of all the newly recruited team
  • Insuring the compliance of the process with SI’s standards


Supply management

  • Analyze the purchasing environment at the national level and compile the purchasing environment analyses performed by logisticians
  • Supervise the updating of price lists and supplier files
  • Control the purchasing procedures of Solidarités International and of donors funding the mission’s programs
  • Draw up a procurement table during the proposal editing process, according to the BOQ provided by the program managers and/or program coordinator
  • Establish the purchasing Timeline per the activities schedule and contextual and procedural logistical constraints
  • Train logistics officers in the tasks inherent in supply management
  • Supervise the purchase processes and monitor adherence to validation rules and procedures
  • Monitor the bases’ purchase estimates and ensure that purchasing files are drawn up correctly mission-wide
  • Ensure adherence to budget lines allocated to logistics, and monitor consumption of these lines
  • Draft calls for to tenders and contracts that require coordination validation
  • Select suppliers and negotiate prices, deadlines and terms of delivery
  • Monitor relations with suppliers
  • Be aware of the customs procedures and documentation in force in the country of intervention
  • Centralize durable equipment purchasing according to Solidarités International standards, and have them validated by the headquarters purchasing officer

Vehicle fleet management

  • Scale the vehicle fleet according to activities, ensuring homogeneity within the fleet
  • Ensure the sharing of the vehicle resources at base level
  • Supervise the planning and execution of maintenance and repair tasks on mission vehicles
  • Define the contents of a vehicle’s tool kit and ensure compliance by all bases
  • Define the regulations relating to vehicles and personnel travel, and ensure that these are applied at all bases
  • Consolidate and analyze monthly fuel consumption
  • Implement a supply strategy for fuel, spare parts and consumables
  • Implement a strategy to prevent misappropriation of petrol and spare parts
  • Supervise the administrative management of vehicle documents (log books, contracts, insurance, etc.)

Equipment park / telecommunications management

  • Implement a strategy for replenishing the park
  • Assign a logistics code to all equipment entering the park
  • Consolidate and update the condition of the mission park in real time
  • Scale the equipment park according to activity, ensure that the pool remains homogenous and that Solidarités International standards are respected
  • Ensure that mission resources are properly shared
  • Scale a mission’s communication resources according to the field capacities and constraints
  • Be aware of current legislation relating to radio communications equipment
  • Ensure that communication systems are properly installed, function well and are used correctly

Computer equipment management and monitoring

  • Scale the amount of computer equipment needed by the mission
  • Implement a strategy for backups, data security and anti-virus updates
  • Ensure that the computer equipment is well maintained and used correctly
  • Offer technical assistance to the teams and organize training sessions

Stock management

  • Consolidate and analyze monthly stock inventories
  • Ensure compliance with Solidarités International storage procedures and format usage
  • Insure that monthly physical inventories are carried out and reconciled with physical inventories
  • Consolidate the monthly valuation of donations for all mission programs
  • Make reallocation suggestions for remaining materials once a program is completed

Human resource management

  • Scale the mission’s logistics department according to the programs
  • Implement a logistics strategy and set team targets
  • Brief the logistics officers on arrival and support them in accomplishing their objectives throughout their mission
  • Provide support and training materials to logistics officers
  • Appraise personnel under direct supervision and participate in performance reviews for mission logistics officers
  • Organize regular formal meetings with team members
  • Ensure good working and living conditions for all mission teams


  • Together with the coordination team, determine the resources to implement in order to ensure the teams’ security
  • Monitor the implementation of these means and resources at the base level
  • Train teams in the procedures relating to travel, communication and building security
  • Participate in updating security-related documents
  • Supervise the execution of evacuation drills

Reporting / capitalization

  • Consolidate, process and analyze monthly logistics reports of the bases and carry out logistics reporting to headquarters on a predefined schedule
  • Be an active participant in drafting proposals and donor financial reports on behalf of the logistics sections
  • Centralize information’s on transport companies, distances, prices and methods
  • Ensure that price and supplier lists are compiled, along with documentation requirements in effect (import – export, exemptions, taxes)
  • Transmit procurement files for completed programs to headquarters according to the established schedule
  • Participate in coordination meetings relating to logistics, represent Solidarités International when asked and/or delegated to do so
  • Act as the direct contact with headquarters for all matters relating to logistics
  • Supervise the archiving of logistics documents


ORG CHART POSITION (reporting and functional relationships)

  • Line manager: Country Director
  • Line report(s) on base: Procurement logistics officer, logistics coordinator assistant
  • Functional manager: Headquarters Desk Logistician
  • Functional report(s): Logisticians



Specific skills and experience:

  • Education:
    • Bachelor degree in a field related to logistics
  • Experience:
    • 5 years’ minimum experience in a similar position
    • Previous experiences in the humanitarian field compulsory.

Soft skills:

  • Autonomous, organize, ability to prioritize and to work under pressure
  • Strong computer skills essential (Pack office, excel)


  • English: fluent with excellent writing capacities
  • Arabic: fluent will be an asset



A salaried post: starting from 2640 € gross per month (including 10% annual leave allowance paid monthly), according to experience (+100€/year of humanitarian experience on an equivalent position +50€/year of experience on a non-equivalent position), and a monthly Per Diem of 700 USD.

Social and medical cover: Expatriates benefit from an insurance package which reimburses all healthcare expenses (including medical and surgical expenses, dental care and ophthalmological expenses, repatriation) and a welfare system including war risks. Essential vaccination and antimalarial treatment costs are refunded.

Vacation: During the assignment, a system of alternation between work and time off is implemented at the rate of one break every three months. For a one-year assignment, the expatriate will have a 7-day break ( during the 3rd and the 9th month (with 750 USD allocated by Solidarités). He or she will also be entitled to go back to his or her home country for a 14-day period after six months spent on the mission (Solidarités will cover travel costs).


Key information about living conditions

The candidate will be based in Amman with frequent movement to North East Syria (50% of the time) to allow closer proximity to the sites of project implementation. The candidate will be accommodated in the guesthouse in Amman. The per diem rate is 700 USD a month. Living conditions in Amman are very good and staff has access to a wide range of restaurants, cafes and bars. Most of occidental products (food, clothing…) are easily accessible in Amman. The country also proposes several destinations for weekends.

Specific constraints related to security

Security level is high in NES justifying specific arrangements for accommodation and displacements in the areas of intervention. In NWS security conditions have been improving in 2018 but no access for internationals and very unlikely to change in 2018.

In Amman, security levels are good and restrictions are very limited.



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