Renewable Energy Technical Coordinator – Project Manager (VSI)


blueEnergy is an international nonprofit organization that works to break the cycle of poverty to create a world of sustainable living and opportunity for all. The organization does this by creating opportunities for sustainable development in severely marginalized communities and by developing leaders working internationally for a more equitable, sustainable world.

blueEnergy creates impact in Nicaragua and Ethiopia. At the local level in Nicaragua, blueEnergy delivers renewable energy, clean water, and other key services to marginalized communities on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast utilizing a holistic approach to community development and capacity building. At the national level, blueEnergy is facilitating and strengthening a network of renewable energy service providers to expand access to sustainable energy across Nicaragua. At the international level, blueEnergy is playing a lead role in the creation of a network of organizations working with locally produced, small wind turbines for rural electrification.

blueEnergy’s project headquarters are located in Bluefields, Nicaragua. There, the organization recruits a diverse, multi­cultural team of international volunteers and local and international staff. This unique organizational structure amplifies blueEnergy’s impact and provides the volunteers themselves with a transformative experience to help them reach their global leadership potential.

blueEnergy is looking for talented, committed individuals to join our diverse, dynamic organization, and can offer many opportunities for meaningful personal and professional growth.

Currently blueEnergy is seeking a mature, culturally sensitive, pro­active individual with strong motivation to work in the energy program team in Bluefields, Nicaragua. As blueEnergy’s Nicaragua Renewable Energy Technical Coordinator Volunteer, you will work within the renewable energy team and report to blueEnergy Programs Coordinator who oversees all blueEnergy Program thematic areas. This is a small team made up of locals & foreigners. The projects are primarily solar energy off grid (rural and peri-urban micro-grids & small home solar) and bio digesters. Essentially the position is developing and executing renewable energy projects from A to Z.

The Technical Coordinator/Project Manager Volunteer will be in charge of participating directly & supervising each project, including the technical design and implementation of rural micro­grid, design and installation of solar systems for homes and businesses, be involved in microgrid monitoring and maintenance, document energy related activities, help train local technicians, support the execution of energy related project activities, as well as collaborate in the development of new project profiles and their corresponding budgets. Candidates must have exceptional teamwork skills and emotional intelligence, and be able to thrive in a rigorous, dynamic and often highly resource constrained environment.

Mission :

  • Coordinate & act as advisor to all technical aspects and project development of the energy team staff and international collaborators.
  • Make & review all technical design & work produced by the energy team technicians and provide assistance to the planning and decision making on technical aspects.
  • Work closely with the local manager and upper management for decision making, funds monitoring, and project concepts.
  • Manage & assist logistical aspects of a new installation (purchases, planning, procurement of materials and budgeting) & manage on-site project work.
  • Create community training materials and execute trainings on the different renewable energy technologies.
  • Within each assigned project, execute system conception, purchasing, logistics, preparation, construction and installation (including repair and maintenance of some of these systems) following the guidelines, processes, formats and policies established by blueEnergy.
  • Work with the Renewable Energy Program Technicians to improve the technologies already in use as well as their implementation.
  • Document the work of the renewable energy team in blueEnergy with reports and other media using blueEnergy templates.
  • Strengthen the capacity of the renewable energy team through the creation of internal materials, manuals and databases.
  • Participate in the creation of project profiles and budgets to be submitted to potential funders.
  • Manage relationships between the blueEnergy offices in France, USA and the Energy team in Nicaragua.
  • Work with local staff and partners to train them in renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Communicate with energy  partners  (universities  and  other  organizations)  to  share experiences and learn about alternative technologies and techniques.
VilleBluefields, Nicaragua
Expériences / Formation du candidat
  • Engineering diploma preferred, especially in renewable energy and/or electricity (or corresponding professional experience), but others will also be considered
  • Project Management & Team Management Experience; Particularly working in diverse teams and able to manage multiple team deadlines.
  • Working knowledge about solar power, bio digestion, electric wiring standards and power grid distribution.
  • Experience working in multicultural teams where teamwork is necessary
  • Demonstrated ability to build and manage effective work relationships in a multi­cultural environment
Langues parlées
  • Spanish Intermediate Minimum language (written and spoken) required; Fluent Spanish highly preferred.
  • English is also valuable as many of our partners work in English and some documents are in English.
  • Capacity to adapt communication with the interlocutor (willingness to speak Kriol English to Kriol English speaking beneficiaries, adapting technical language to improve understanding of the interlocutor)
Qualité du candidat
  • Outgoing & Earnest Disposition; Rigorous & Persistent
  • Good teaching skills and high level of social sensitivity
  • Comfortable with using hand tools
  • Self-starter, adaptable, resilient and a sense of humor
  • Respect for local customs with an open mind and humility
  • Pro­active and able to work independently to complete project tasks
  • Attention to detail and ability to follow through on task assignments
FonctionsCoordination, Gestion de projet, Technicien spécialiste
ActivitésAgriculture, Environnement
PaysAmérique latine, Nicaragua
ContratVolontariat / service civique
Durée du contrat

12 months

Start date July 10th, 2018

Salaire / Indemnité

Volunteers receive a modest living stipend (legal VSI stipend) and blueEnergy offers full room and board and wireless internet on the blueEnergy campus/facilities. If a volunteer chooses to life outside blueEnergy facilities they are responsible for the costs associated.

Documents à envoyer

CV and CL in spanish

Nom de la personne contact

Pauline Stephan

Email de la personne
Date de fin de validité 15/07/2018