Rehabilitation Technical Advisor – YEMEN


“Outraged by the injustice faced by people with disabilities and vulnerable populations,
we aspire to a world of solidarity and inclusion, enriched by our differences,
where everyone can live in dignity”
Handicap International is changing his name and becomes « Humanity & Inclusion ». HI, Humanity & Inclusion is an independent and impartial aid and development organisation with no religious or political affiliations operating in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.
Since the organisation was first founded in 1982, we have set up development programmes in 62 countries and responded to many emergencies. Today we have a budget of around 150 million euros, with 3500 employees worldwide.
HI is engaged in an employment policy in favour of disabled workers.
For further information about the association:
Yemen long been the poorest country in the Arab world. After the Arab Spring of 2012, the humanitarian crisis intensified with almost half of the population being food insecure. This has created increasing unrest among the population and discontentment with the government.

During the summer of 2014 the Shia minority group called Houthis has taken control of several important cities, among them the capital Sana’a. Meanwhile the Southern separatist movement increased their call for an independent south while Al Qaida and linked groups (mainly based in the South-Eastern parts of the country) are fighting Houthis and other groups, including the internationally recognized government.

In January 2015, the Houthis overthrew President Hadi’s government. At the end of March of that year, an international coalition of countries led by Saudi Arabia allied with the President temporarily exiled in Saudi Arabia, launched a military campaign against the advances of the Houthis in the country. At the end of 2017 the alliance between the GPC of the former president Saleh and the Houthis broke out in Sana’a and Saleh was killed. In January 2018 the alliance in the south as well broke out: the Southern Transitional Council, in favor of an independent state in the south took over Aden from the hands of Hadis’ supporters, Hadi being still in exile in Saudi-Arabia.

As a result of such violence and instability, more than 20 million Yemenis, out of a population of 27 million, are in need of some kind of aid. Malnutrition, cholera, diphtheria has affected many families and a failed health system, with no salaries paid for several years, cannot cope.


HI have been intervening in Yemen on and off for the last 12 years, with its actions initially focused on development issues, notably through the support to the development of physical and functional rehabilitation services for people with disabilities (PwDs) as well as through the capacity-building of the national networks of Yemen Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs).

Since 2015, HI interventions have been adapted to the current context of conflict in Yemen. With the support of different donors, HI has been supporting two hospitals and one physical and functional rehabilitation centre in Sana’a City, building the capacities of their key staff in early rehabilitation care and psychological first aid (including specifically for children), supplying rehabilitation equipment, and directly providing functional rehabilitation care and psychosocial support to war affected people (including through the donation of assistive devices and provision of Prosthesis). In 2017, these activities have extended to new facilities in and around Sana’a.

In parallel, HI is implementing an inclusion and protection mainstreaming project, to increase the knowledge and capacities of the staff International NGOs in the inclusion of the most vulnerable persons in their humanitarian response (including PwD), so as to increase their access to essential services.

While all of HI activities were done so far in Sana’a governorate, HI hass expanded in Aden and is about to launch its activities Mokha and Hajjah.

General mission: Advisory and technical supervision of physiotherapy teams to ensure provision of quality rehabilitation services to people with injuries and or disabilities






The position is based in Sana’a – Yemen. The expatriate will also have to spend time in HI bases (Aden, Mokha and Hajjah). The expatriate may be required to spend some time in Amman, Jordan whilst awaiting his/her visa for Yemen, however the duration of this period will be minimised to avoid interruption to activities in Yemen.

In Sana’a, shared guesthouse well equipped with a safe room, most of the work is done at the office but there are some possibilities to go out for work purposes and for some extra professional activities. All movements are done by car. HI has set-up a curfew. The situation is relatively calm in Sana’a nowadays.


– Length of the contract: 9 months
– Employee status, according to experience : Employee:
– Salary from 2031 € gross/month regarding the experience of the candidate
– Perdiem : 457€ net/month
– Hardship allowance : 500€ per month
– Insurances : medical hearth coverage, retirement planning, repatriation
– Paid holiday : 25 days per year
– R&R : Level 3 (5 days every 8 weeks)
– Status : position open to unaccompanied
– Housing : Collective taken in charge by HI

Expériences / Formation du candidat


– Degree in Physiotherapy
– At least 5 years of professional experience as a physiotherapist
– At least 3 years of professional experience in humanitarian context, preferably in emergency and war rehabilitation contexts;
– Previous experience in Technical support in Physical Rehabilitation is mandatory
– Proven Physical Therapy tool designing skills
– English is mandatory (oral and written)
– Arabic would be a strong asset
– Ability to work under high pressure

Experience5 à 10 ans
FonctionsTechnicien spécialisé
Secteurs d’activitéSanté, Gestion crise / post-crise
PaysMoyen Orient, Yémen
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Date de fin de validité 20/10/2019
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