Prosthetics & Orthotics P&O Trainer – Yemen



HI have been intervening in Yemen on and off for the last 12 years, with its actions initially focused on development issues, notably through the support to the development of physical and functional rehabilitation services for people with disabilities (PwDs) as well as through the capacity-building of the national networks of Yemen Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs).

Since 2015, HI interventions have been adapted to the current context of conflict in Yemen. With the support of different donors, HI has been supporting two hospitals and one physical and functional rehabilitation centre in Sana’a City, building the capacities of their key staff in early rehabilitation care and psychological first aid (including specifically for children), supplying rehabilitation equipment, and directly providing functional rehabilitation care and psychosocial support to war affected people (including through the donation of assistive devices and provision of Prosthesis). In 2017, these activities have extended to new facilities in and around Sana’a.

In parallel, HI is implementing an inclusion and protection mainstreaming project, to increase the knowledge and capacities of the staff International NGOs in the inclusion of the most vulnerable persons in their humanitarian response (including PwD), so as to increase their access to essential services.
In addition, the mission has also expanded its sector of intervention through Risk education and Cash support. Eventually, the set-up of advocacy mechanisms considering the country and regional environment is another major goal of the mission.

While all of HI activities were done so far in Sana’a governorate, HI is about to expand its activities in the Northern part of the country including Hudaydah and in the Southern part of the country including Aden.



  • Conduct training need assessment of HI and partners P&O staff
  • On the basis of training need assessment and in close coordination with the PO, PM, and technical unit develop a capacity building plan for P&O staff and partners P&O centers
  • Review all the existing training approaches and develop new approaches to ensure effectiveness of mission capacity building program and strategy
  • Assessment of existing training resources in the country and identified the need to define long term strategy for capacity building in the sector


  • Designing or updating exiting trainings curriculum for HI P&O staff and staff of P&O centers in specified by HI
  • Build up minimum training packages for the continuous professional development of P&O stff, including using e-learning tools and mobile phones technology (e.g. making presentations for therapists and care givers on basic steps in treatment techniques and care givers support, which can be used to show HI staff, beneficiaries and care givers).
  • Develop approaches and tools for evaluating the trainees.

Responsibility 3:  PROVISION OF TRAINING

  • Lead theoretical and practical training of HI rehabilitation teams and other partners as specified by HI Yemen mission
  • To train, mentor and coach HI and partners’ P&O staff on:
  • Hands on works, but also be able to step back allowing them to work alone but in a supportive and nurturing learning environment.
  • Follow-up closely all the different trainings provided and develop relevant monitoring tools to measure training impact.
  • Train HI and partners’ rehabilitation staff in methods, approaches, tools and techniques useful for ensuring the quality of HI interventions in  physical and functional rehabilitation  (including on-the-job training);

Responsibility  4: Training organization and facilitation

  • Support  the required P&O training related logistics in collaboration with the P&O Field Technical Advisors, Project Managers: orders requested material upon request (in collaboration with the logistics department), check the availability of material like projector, white board, copies, setting up of the room, etc.
  • To assess the trainees’ level prior to start the session, and adjust the training contents accordingly;
  • Provide training sessions on P&O to P&O workers and other relevant staff as required by P&O Technical coordinator  and other relevant HI staff;
  • Ensure the trainees’ understanding and participation, and the good atmosphere of the sessions, according to the training methodology;
  • Assess the trainees’ level at the end of the training session.

Responsibility 5: Reporting, coordination and liaison

  • Ensure there are minutes of meeting completed for P&O related meetings
  • Attend staff meetings, activities and trainings as requested by relevant HI staff.



  • Degree or diplomas in Prosthetics and Orthotics level 1 or level 2 senior


  • 10 years experiences in P&O practice At least 5 years of professional experience in humanitarian contexts, preferably emergency/conflicts area
  • Experience in teaching methodology
  • Experience in appropriate different types of technologies used.
  • Previous coordination experience
  • Proven Training facilitation experience


  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills is expected
  • Proven organisational skills is necessary
  • English is mandatory (oral and written)
  • Arabic would be a strong asset

Personal qualities:

  • Self confidence
  • Adaptability
  • Strong interpersonal and multicultural skills
  • High level of autonomy and initiative
  • Ability to work under high pressure


VilleSanaa & Aden
Experience0 à 3 ans
FonctionsFormation, Technicien spécialisé
Secteurs d’activitéAutre, Santé
PaysMoyen Orient, Yémen
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Date de fin de validité 05/04/2019
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