Contribute to develop of the nursery school and participate in boarding school in Himalaya in India


Participate with the local teachers to the education of the children in the Kanchanjanga nursery school in the Himalayas, in Darjeeling region, in the village of Kolakham, 2 000m altitude!

Participate to the class with the teachers and take care of the children staying in the boarding school in Kolakham.


Yours missions : 

  • Participate to the class in English
  • Organize or participate to awaraness campaigns with the teachers
  • Help the children of the kintergarden to study in class as they need more care and attention
  • Help the children staying in boarding school to do their homework
  • Participate to the life in the boarding school : cleaning, playing, serve the meals, help for cooking
  • Make this project internationaly known through social networks and community management
  • Communicate with the members of the NGO through sending photos and videos
  • Propose activities to the children after the class : music, painting, drawing, singing
  • Help us to raise funds to change the material in the school : benches, tables, etc..
  • Help us to raise funds to equip the boarding school
  • Help to organize events to raise funds and to make this project widely known


Participate to promote the education to the children in rural areas with our NGO Swadhin Yatra founded in 2006.

The school welcomes around 30 to 40 per year, and 10-15 children stay in the boarding school during the week and for some children during the weekend too.

The education is proposed in English, and their native language, Nepali, is the 2nd one.


The NGO Swadhin Yatra has co-built the Kanchanjanga primary school in 2010 in the village of Kolakham in Himalaya, with the participation and help of the inhabitants.

Enseigner en anglais 

This school is situated at the borders of Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and the Indian state of Sikkim, at 2 000m altitude.

3 ladies teachers work in Kanchanjanga nursery school welcoming around 35 children.

The members of the NGO stayed 2 years in Kolakham for the construction, training of the new teachers and the development of this project.


You can help and participate to this project by collaborating with the teachers in class from nursery to class IV.


drawing farewell

What you can bring for the children if you wish : 

  • warm clothes (gloves, hats, pants, caps, muflers, sweaters, shoes, sport shoes, etc…),
  • blankets, umbrellas, rain coats,
  • offer and finance furnitures for school (chairs, tables, benches, black board or white board…),
  • offer and finance scholar items (erasers, pencils, copy book, drawing books),
  • offer or finance furnitures for boarding school (blankets, pillows, quilts, etc…)

Where you will stay:

Live in anture and peace of the Himalayas and stay our the wooden cottage located just besides the school.

The cottage is equiped with all the necessary : kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, balcony…

Maison de l'ONG, la cuisine Maison de l'ONG, une chambre


Contact-us : 

Elodie and Victor DAS



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