Desired start date: August (may be posponed due to current counrty entry restrictions)

Duration of the mission: 11 months

Location: Colombia, Bucaramanga

The present position is open to national and international staff





Brief overview of Solidarités International’s work in the country:

Solidarités International is operational in Colombia since October 2019. The mission is currently working on reinforcing WASH conditions in the shelters (refugios) along the route between Cucuta and Bucaramanga. Venezuelans are walking along this route aiming at reaching one of Colombia’s major cities or a third country. They are very vulnerable at this stage and SI plans, together with PUI, to reinforce access to basic services along the route, particularly in the shelters managed by local organizations.


How the mission is organized:

The mission is currently limited in size and its footprint in 4 “refugios”. The upcoming project will drastically increase the operational/financial and HR volume of the mission. The operations are managed from Bucaramanga and a small coordination structure will be created in Bogota.

The base should grow up around 35 national staffs and 3 international staff.


Specific context of the area in which the expatriate will be working:

The security context is stable in this part of Colombia. Besides usual criminal risks (existing in the country generally), the social context is tense with some of the local communities that feel pressured by arrival of Venezuelans and those who help them. This balance and necessary dialogue is a key to understand the context dynamics and adapt the response to Venezuelans needs but also to local communities’ perceptions and vulnerabilities. The context of living in Bucaramanga is good and leaves the expatriate with few restrictions. The program being multisectoral and implemented with several partners (PUI and local organizations), the coordination is key.



General objective of the position


The Logistics Officer will implement and supervise all logistics operations at his/her assigned base.

He/she will organize logistic support for programs, in keeping with Solidarités International procedures.

He/she will assist the base manager or the field coordinator in the implementation of safety rules.


List of main tasks :

  • Supply Management
  • Vehicle Fleet Management
  • Equipment/Telecommunications Management
  • Management and Monitoring of IT Equipment
  • Supplies Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Security
  • Reporting/Capitalization


Specific requirements

  • Recruitment and induction of a logistics team
  • Offices and guest houses renting and equipping
  • Multi sectoral supply and dealing with different interlocutors : markets analysis and supply chain to establish
  • Just-in-time flow of food supplies
  • Passive Security management


Priorities of the first 2 to 3 months

  • Offices and guest houses renting and equipping
  • Setting up the team internally
  • Purchasing and supporting emergency activities



Education: education background in logistics management, transport, warehousing, supply chain, purchasing is an asset.

Experience: at least two years of experience in humanitarian logistics at management positions. An experience in emergency context and in NGOs is a strong asset. Experience in base or mission opening is an asset.

Technical skills and knowledge: very strong organizational skills are necessary.  IT knowledge as well skills in supply, market assessment and purchase procedures are some assets.

Languages: Spanish and English are mandatory.

Other desirable qualities:  leadership and management /  planning and prioritization / flexibility / capacity to work under stress / solution making oriented

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Does this description fit you? Please send us your CV and Cover letter in English. CV only applications will not be considered.

NB:  The vacancy may close before the deadline. Thank you for your comprehension

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