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The Advertiser zone enables you to subscribe to the service and publish Jobs offers & Tender opportunities.

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Subscription to the jobs advertisements & tender service is available only to:

  • French and foreign organizations focusing on global solidarity: NGOs, foundations, including businesses and social enterprises whose core activity is global solidarity, and any other corporation linked with such international solidarity organization;
  • Local, regional and national public cooperation organizations;
  • International organizations operating under public law.

Subscription costs

You are able to advertise as many jobs and tender opportunities as you wish with an annual subscription, the cost of which depends on your organization’s budget:

Lower than €2M:€ 120 (12-month subscription)
Between € 2M and € 10M:€140 (12-month subscription)
Between € 10M and € 50M:€ 200 (12-month subscription)
Greater than € 50M:€ 500 (12-month subscription)

Terms and Conditions for using Coordination SUD’s Job and Tender Service