Date de formation

Du 18/09/2022 au 22/09/2022

Training of trainers for the aid sector – AmmanInstitut Bioforce

Dates: September 18-22, 2022

Location: Amman, Jordan

This training course session will provide you with the appropriate methods and tools to design, facilitate and evaluate training activities, in order to develop the professional competencies of your team members and partners. Capacity building has become an essential issue in the humanitarian sector, as it directly contributes to the quality and effectiveness of aid provided to crisis-affected populations.

This training course is for you are an aid worker and you wish to develop your skills in designing, delivering and evaluating training activities

By attending this open training course, you will know how to design, facilitate, and evaluate training activities. And more specifically, you will know how to:

  • Define training objectives and learning outcomes
  • Design training session and design a session plan
  • Select and use different training techniques to deliver a training session
  • Explain the different types of training evaluation and their specificities
  • Analyse one’s practice and that of others in order to engage in aongoing learning process

Cost: 700€. The cost of our trainings covers training facilitation. It does not include accommodation, meals, transportation or sundry expenses. More information about funding opportunities:

Further information & application:

Bioforce is a unique training and career advisory centre that aims to develop the key skills of those involved in humanitarian and aid programmes. We have been working with major NGOs for more than 38 years, the humanitarian community is involved in creating our training programmes and keeping them cutting-edge.  Every year, more than 2500 people get trained or awarded certification with Bioforce.


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