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WWF South Africa – Partnership Incubation Funding

The incubation funding is aimed to assist civil society, youth, and community based organisations in South Africa in conceptualizing innovative partnership models that contribute to climate governance, mitigation, and adaptation.

The Partnership Incubation Funding is intended to support innovative and novel partnership models that encourage collaboration among CSOs – both environmental and social – as well as to provide support and encouragement in the development of proposals to potential funders.

For the purposes of this Call, innovation is defined as any good practice that supports democracy and good governance by promoting the principles of transparency, integrity, accountability, and citizen participation.

At its core, innovation is a novelty for the organization or institution in which it is used (a practice, model, or service that did not previously exist or was not used) and has / has the potential to have a measurable public impact in the local community.

Applications must evidence a partnership between two or more civil society organisations, youth organisations or community based organisations legally established and operating in South Africa.

The applicant(s) may apply if:

  • they work for a registered South African CSO or Community Based Organisation
  • two or more organisations in partnership to conceptualise and develop innovative partnership
  • organisation must have the following documents:
  1. at least one organisation should be a registered entity
  2. at least one bank account
  3. Partner organisations profiles
  4. BEE Status
  5. Contactable References
  • is not being investigated for fraud, corruption, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or other wrongdoing
  • currently is not receiving funding from the European Union entirely or partly under the Climate Change Champions Programme
  • is not a government entity or not be a profit-making entity.




Closing date: 31 October 2023

Funding: of up to R20,000

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