WorldFish : Call for proposal – Nutrition Sensitive Aquaculture Promotion

WorldFish : Call for proposal – Nutrition Sensitive Aquaculture Promotion

Feed the Future Bangladesh Aquaculture and Nutrition Activity is a five-year award by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to WorldFish to sustain positive aquaculture sector growth through an inclusive market system approach. The Activity aims to improve the sustainable livelihoods for a large number of smallholder farmers and other stakeholders linked to aquaculture value chains in USAID’s Feed the Future Zone of Influence (ZOI) and the Zone of Resilience (ZOR).

The Activity will stimulate aquaculture sector growth, increase employment and incomes, and improve food and nutritional security for households. It will serve a facilitating role by coordinating linkages among the value chain actors in the private, public, and civil society sectors of the country.

Goal and objectives :

The goal of the Activity is to achieve inclusive aquaculture sector growth through a market system approach. Specific objectives are:

  • Increased productivity of aquaculture production systems
  • Strengthened aquaculture market systems, with particular attention to expanding opportunities for women and youth
  • Increased awareness and adoption of nutrition-related behaviors, with a particular focus on women and youth


Funding informations :USD 250,000

Project duration : Initially One Year

Eligibility criteria : 

  1. Non Profit Organizations
  2. Associations, Local Service Providers (LSPs), Community based Organizations (CBOs), and others.
  3. Women and Youth owned companies/enterprises/associations.
  4. Small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs)
  5. Disabled/marginalized associations/ organizations

Potential aquaculture / nutrition intervention areas : 

  1. Increase knowledge on nutrition-sensitive aquaculture through fish and pond dike vegetable cultivation at the household level.
  2. Increase nutritional awareness and practices at household level through social and behavior change communication (SBCC) programs.
  3. Promote innovative SBCC to increase nutrition awareness and practice of diet diversity among the pregnant & lactating women, under-five children and youth group of rural households.
  4. Increase gender-integrated nutrition awareness and practices (consumption of nutritious food, dietary diversity and hygiene practices) at the household level through social and behavior change communication (SBCC) programs.
  5. Promote consumption of micronutrient-rich small fish and vegetables, especially in women, adolescent girls and young children
  6. Enhance men and boys engagement at the in maternal & child nutrition and care practices.
  7. Increase the personal and environmental hygiene practices at the household level.

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