USAID- Clean Cities, Blue Ocean Grants Program – Philippines

CCBO seeks to support effective, locally-led solutions and approaches in the Philippines for 3R practices (reducing, reusing and recycling) and solid waste management (SWM) that combat marine debris. To be effective, 3R/SWM solutions must be grounded in local contexts and systems and must be implemented in close collaboration with local government to build a long-term enabling environment that amplifies impact and ensures sustainability beyond the life of the CCBO program.


Grant Program Objectives:

CCBO seeks to fund grants in the Philippines that will contribute to one or multiple of the following cross-cutting objectives:

  • Strengthening collection and aggregation capacity of solid waste and recyclables
  • Increasing uptake and implementation of reuse, reduction and recycling practices
  • Building collective action with lasting, measurable impacts
  • Empowering stakeholders such as women, youth, waste collectors and handlers, and other under-represented groups


Geographic Focus of Activities

  • Metro Manila is home to Manila Bay, where plastic pollution challenges are of high national importance and have made headlines across the globe.
  • Batangas City and Batangas Province is a coastal location—complete with a national port—and significant marine biodiversity, active tourism industry, and supportive local government all present ideal characteristics for a primary CCBO engagement site.
  • Iloilo City and Iloilo Province is a developing tourist hub, biologically significant marine area, and has recently launched voluntary SWM initiatives.
  • Additional sites: while grant activities in the program’s first year will be prioritized in the aforementioned pilot sites, CCBO will consider other areas of the Philippines that are proven sources of marine debris, and in which the Concept Paper demonstrates alignment with grant objectives, particularly the ability to leverage partnerships and investment to scale the impact of a CCBO grant.


Applicants must demonstrate the following:

  • Be legally registered to operate in the Philippines;
  • Be in good standing with all civil and fiscal authorities in the Philippines;
  • Be willing to sign applicable assurances and certifications if invited to submit a Full Application; and
  • Provide a valid DUNS number with submission of a Full Application (not required with the Concept Paper).


Date limite de dépôt de candidatures : 6pm Philippine Standard Time on the following dates: March 20, April 30, July 30, September 25, December 4, 2020; February 5, 2021

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