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USAID – Bridge to Middle School Activity in Morocco

The main purpose of Bridge is to build the capacity of Moroccan Ministry of Education (MEN) to implement new, student-centered curricula in Arabic and selected STEM subjects (grades 4-9) as well as English (grades 7-9), in ways that have measurable impacts on learning outcomes.

The goal of the program is to improve the performance of MEN central directorates, education academies (AREFs), provincial directorates (DPs), and schools in employing evidence-based pedagogies that promote continuous learning in select content areas, emphasizing strengthened critical thinking skills.

Program Objectives :

Bridge has three objectives jointly contributing to the achievement of the program goal :

  1. Enhance the Moroccan education system’s ability to improve learning outcomes in upper primary (grade 4-6) Arabic, Math, and Science
  2. Enhance the Moroccan education system’s ability to improve learning outcomes in lower secondary (grade 7-9) Arabic, English, and selected Science subjects (physics/chemistry, taught as one subject, and life/earth sciences, (biology and geology), taught as one subject)
  3. Enhance the Moroccan education system’s preparedness to scale up successful practices in these subject areas and grades

Program Results :

Bridge is anticipated to achieve quantifiable results at both the goal and the objective levels, as follows :

  1. An increased number of institutions and actors demonstrating improved performance in implementing high quality instruction in the Bridge program target subject areas and grade levels.
  2. In the Bridge experimental schools, upper primary learners achieve increases in proficiency in Arabic, Math, and Science.
  3. In the Bridge experimental schools, middle school (lower secondary) learners achieve increases in proficiency in Arabic, English, Life/Earth Sciences, and Physics/Chemistry
  4. Implementation of policies and practices that support scaling up of interventions proven effective during the experimental phases of the Bridge program.

Eligibility :

Eligibility for this NOFO is not restricted, except individuals and governments.



Closing date : November 15, 2021 at 4:00 PM (Morocco Time)

Total funding : $25,000,000

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