UNWOMEN – Gender and Peacebuilding for Syria

UN Women is seeking Responsible Parties to implement initiatives related to three areas of work outlined below.

Organizations are expected to submit proposals for one of these three areas :

1)Building trust and cooperation across diverse communities

  • Build alliances on women’s rights by bringing together women from diverse areas of Syria and different backgrounds to work on common issue or issues of gender equality and women’s rights related to the political process;
  • Facilitate long-term dialogues between women from diverse backgrounds to build trust;
  • Implement initiatives that seek to link women’s civil society to the political process;

2)Gender responsive media

  • Train and work with media professionals, journalists and social media influencers to report on the gender dimensions of conflict and the political processand analyze the gender aspects of Syria’s media landscape;

3)Civil society engagement

  • Build the capacity and influence of women’s civil society to respond to policy windows and advocate for change related to women’s rights and gender equality;and
  • Strengthen the organizational foundation of civil society to hold space on women’s rights and gender equality.


Competencies :

  • Technical/functional competencies required :
  • Demonstrated focus on women’s rights and gender equality for Syria;
  • Track record on using peacebuilding frameworks;
  • Demonstrated experience in one of the threeworkstream areas;
  • Experience in implementing programming that draws on peacebuilding frameworksand conflict sensitive approaches;
  • Ability to work across Syria’s diversity, including women from different political backgrounds, religious beliefs, ages, geographies, abilities etc.;
  • Capacity to deliver expected results (governance and management competency, and financial and administrative competency);
  • Relevance of the mandate and the role of the organization to implement expected results and to contribute to the sustainability of said results. Other competencies, which while not required, can be an asset for the performance of services
  • Women-led national organizations based within the Middle East, regional organizations, youth organizations, and disabled person organizations (DPOs) are strongly encouraged to apply.



Closing date : 8 April 2021

Funding : USD 100,000 –300,000

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