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UNHABITAT – Strengthen resilience of internally displaced populations and local, vulnerable communities in Burkina Faso

In order to advance integrated solutions for urban internal displacement in Burkina Faso, the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat), with the support of the European Union’s Instrument contributing to Sustaining Peace (IcSP), is implementating a project to “Strengthen the resilience of local authorities in the face of massive population displacements and the Covid-19 pandemic” in the regions Centre-North (Kaya, Kongoussi and Tougouri and the Sahel (Dori).

In coordination with the Ministry of Town Planning, Housing and Cities (MUHV), through the implementation of the project, it will be :

  1. increase the institutional and operational capacities of the municipalities impacted by the influx of populations in order to better respond to the challenges generated by these massive and unexpected arrivals of populations;
  2. increase the access to basic social services (school, health, drinking water and sanitation) and to suitable housing for the benefit of vulnerable communities (IDPs and local people) in the face of the strong pressure induced by the unprecedented population growth;
  3. contribute to strengthening the socio-economic and health resilience of vulnerable internally displaced and indigenous communities, especially women and girls through income-generating activities;
  4. to strengthen social cohesion, peaceful living together, the mitigation of stigmatization of vulnerable communities and ultimately the consolidation of peace, and finally
  5. reduce the environmental impact of the humanitarian crisis.

Main activities and outputs:

The Implementing Partner will be undertaking main activities as follows (but not limited to):

Propose a methodology and activities for achieving the following objectives :

  • Increase the entrepreneurial capacities of vulnerable women and girls from internally displaced populations and indigenous communities so that they can develop and implement income-generating activities;
  • Support women and girls in setting up income-generating activities in Kongoussi, Kaya, Dori and Tougouri;
  • Contribute to risk mitigation related to gender-based violence for IDP communities and local communities;
  • Contribute to raising awareness of the health risks in precarious living conditions both on temporary shelter sites and in areas of spontaneous settlements in general and on the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in a specific;
  • Strengthen the knowledge and skills of local communities and beneficiaries of the projects neighborhoods on mitigating environmental impacts.

The main results expected from the selected entity are the following :

  • Women and girls from local communities and internally displaced populations are trained in selected priority income-generating activities and business development in order to increase their socio-economic self-reliance in Kaya, Dori, Kongoussi and Tougouri;
  • Local business micro-cluster initiatives are initiated promoting cooperation between local communities and internally displaced populations;
  • Awareness-raising campaigns for increasing the attention of local communities on hygiene, public sanitation, environmental issues and particularly around the Corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) are being implemented in all four cities;
  • Capacity building activities for the promotion of environmental protection and on how to use green economy initiatives, are conducted for the benefit of local communities and specifically for local people and IDPs living in the newly developed neighbourhoods built as part of the project in each city.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants should proove :

  • their registration in the country of origin
  • their registration in the country of operation
  • their country operational presence
  • relevant experience and proven track record in implementing activities in the areas of the project



Closing date : Wednesday 6 October, 2021

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