UNDP Uganda : Request for information from CSO / NGO

UNDP Uganda : Request for information from CSO / NGO

Objective :

This is a Request for Information (RFI) from national and/or international CSOs/NGOs for potential partnership with UNDP in delivering outputs for humanitarian and development projects requiring expertise and experience in at least one (or more) of the following thematic areas:

  • Emergency Livelihood and Economic Recovery (i.e emergency employment, micro-business development, saving and loans association, financial literacy, vocational and business skill training, value chain for business development, private sector engagement, life skills training, social/community services referral for marginalized population, etc)
  • Energy, Environment and Climate Change (i.e prevention, mitigation and reduction of climate change and environmental degradation, development and dissemination of energy efficient material and methods, identification and piloting of new energy sources, conduct of social and environment safeguards etc)
  • Rule of Law (i.e capacity development of law enforcement systems, social and civic society engagement for good governance and human rights, affirmative action for women, youth and marginalized groups, etc)
  • Protection of vulnerable groups and SGBV Prevention (i.e access to justice, immediate response to GBV incidents such as police and legal action against perpetrators, counseling/post-exposure preventive treatment/shelter, mental health and psychosocial support, GBV prevention, promotion of the participation/leadership of women’s organizations, contribution to legal aid provision and legal awareness, strengthening of national policy, judiciary capacities and physical infrastructure, reintegration –social protection, gender responsive livelihood/financial assistance, etc)
  • Institutional effectiveness and (local) governance (i.e institutional capacity building, local governance and financing, strengthening of national and local level government capacity to coordinate and respond to the influx of refugee, mainstreaming of a resilience-based approach, disaster risk reduction, disaster preparedness, gender-responsive budgeting/planning/monitoring/reporting, use of evidence-based planning, budgeting and programming tools, etc)
  • Resilience, Peace, Security and Social cohesion (i.e policy and legal framework for peace building, security and system resilience, establishment of formal and informal peace, security and social cohesion mechanisms, inclusive community participation and engagement promotion of social engagement from CSOs, etc)

Informations requested : 

Organizations interested in joining UNDP CSOs/NGOs Roster are requested to fill out and submit the RFI form available in the annex 1 of this document. All interested partners that have experience in at least one of the above listed thematic areas are invited to apply.
If you are an international NGO, please provide information and documentation relating to your permits and licenses for your local presence in this country. Please note that attachments should be provided to support each answer whenever required. All questions must be answered directly and clearly. Extraneous information that are not directly responding to the questions will only constrain the ability of UNDP to positively assess the CSO/NGO’s alignment with UNDP requirements.
UNDP will review each application against it CSOs/NGOs roster requirements and place successfully prequalified partners in the most relevant roster thematic areas.

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