le 12/10/2021

UNDP – Stakeholder Engagement for Uranium Legacy Remediation in Central Asia

UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) is implementing a regional project “Stakeholder Engagement for Uranium Legacy Remediation in Central Asia. Phase II” in order to reduce the negative impact of uranium tailings on the socio-economic and environmental aspects of the life of communities and to ensure the safety of communities from emergency situations through socio-economic interventions at the level of target communities.

NGOs are encouraged to submit applications with experience of implementing activities in the following areas :

  • environmental protection (pasture management, combating land degradation, research and etc.);
  • development of community infrastructure (repair or restoration works at infrastructure or social facilities, for instance buildings of schools, kindergartens, local hospitals, electricity lines and drinking and irrigation water systems and etc.);
  • health care (provision of medical equipment, staff training, research etc.);
  • economic development of the community (job creation, trade promotion, etc.);
  • social protection (for example, groups of people with special needs, women, etc.);
  • raising awareness of potential radiological risks;
  • reduction of the threat of emergency situations.


Eligibility :

  • NGOs interested in applying for LowValue Grant Projects should meet the following criteria:
    Availability of legal documents of the organization (legal registration in the Ministry of Justice of KR); 
  • NGO and/its branch working in the pilot communities (KadjiSai, MinKush and MailuuSuu);
  • Work experience in provision of implementing relevant activities in the field mentioned above at least 2 contracts implemented over the past 3 years (provide with descriptions of the work performed and the contact details of the contracting organization);
  • An expertise team to implement the lowvalue grant projects (organizational structure including title
    and role is required).


Closing date : 18:00pm Bishkek time (GMT+6), October 22, 2021

Funding : max USD 10,000.00

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