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UNDP – Preventing and Countering Corruption in Papua New Guinea

The Project “Preventing and Countering Corruption in Papua New Guinea” (PNG Anti-Corruption Project) implemented jointly by UNDP Papua New Guinea and UNODC and funded by the EU aims to strengthen the Government’s commitment and capacity to address corruption in line with the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) to effectively promote the Sustainable Development Goals for the benefit of all Papua New Guineans.

Areas of Intervention

Under the Output 4.2 of Outcome 4 of the PNG Anti-Corruption Project, sub-project applications can focus on the following areas of intervention:

  • General anti-corruption awareness, knowledge advocacy activities/communications products and events with focus on PNG including the provinces;
  • Awareness focused on the roles and responsibilities of the key anti-corruption institutions in Papua New Guinea, including but not limited to the PNG Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC);
  • Education/knowledge products and activities focused on anti-corruption legislative and institutional framework in PNG;
  • Awareness and advocacy activities related to Whistleblower Protection and Whistleblower Act;
  • Awareness and advocacy activities related to the anti-corruption in most vulnerable sectors (i.e., impact of corruption on climate change; role of investigative journalism and independent media; corruption clean public sector; corruption in health or education sectors; gender and corruption, Gender Based Violence and Corruption, etc.);
  • Activities such as surveys or research focused on experience and/or perception of corruption amongst citizens (i.e., Focus Group Discussions, round tables, smaller pilot surveys in selected sectors, e.g., in school, hospitals, private sector, CSOs, etc.);
  • Awareness and advocacy that aim to raise awareness of freedom of information measures and legislation to increase Government accountability and transparency;
  • Awareness/advocacy activities about corruption in the private sector in any form, including tax-evasion schemes in specific sectors/regions or by specific groups;
  • Awareness and education related activities and products that promote role of CSOs, media, private sector, youth in anti-corruption.

Organizations applying for the grant are expected to draw up proposals related to their work and on-going interest and use the funds to develop additional advocacy and/or engagement tools for relevant topics and areas of focus.

Proposals must clearly demonstrate the PNG Anti-Corruption Project grant will fit into a broader stream or work which will remain sustainable beyond the lifetime of the project.

Who Can Apply?

  • Registered Non-for-Profit Organizations (NGOs) and Media Organizations from PNG that work on Anti-Corruption/Governance/Accountability/Human Rights or are interested in integrating this into their development/community programmes, including organizations from the provinces.
  • Chambers of Commerce and similar organizations representing other interest groups who would like to explore some of the awareness or knowledge products produced by UNDP on Project related topics and/or organize engagements with oversight institutions.

Youth networks, community-based organizations (CBO) and faith-based organizations (FBOs) in partnership with an existing registered not-for-profit organization.


Closing date : 25-May-22

Funding : Max USD 7,588

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