le 22/06/2022

UNDP – Grant to Support Fifty Persons Living With Disabilities to be Trained in Business Startups

The main objective of this grant selection process is to identify a suitable Non-profit organization (CSO/NGO/Foundation) with operational presence and specialized expertise in supporting business startups to train 50 PWDs (30F:20M), provide seed money and link them to banking institutions in Sierra Leone.

Who Can Apply?

  • Non-profit organizations (CSO/NGO/Foundation)
  • Eligible Organizations should have specialized expertise in provision of SME support, including training on business startups for PWDs, and life skills proven experience.
  • Experience in implementing initiatives with similar scope and nature is required.
  • Organizations should have operational presence in the targeted area – Western Area Urban.
  • Organizations should be registered in accordance with the legal requirements of the Government of Sierra Leone.
  • Organizations may submit joint proposals as coalitions. In this case, main applicants must provide support letters from relevant co-applicants specifying their respective role. In case of joint proposals, the main applicant shall have proven experience in the proposed area of programming for the grant.


Closing date : 10:00Am on Friday, July 8, 2022

Funding : USD 35,000

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