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UNDP – GEF Small Grants Programme in Lebanon

The GEF Small Grants Programme, provides communities and civil society organizations with grants to enable them to implement projects in the focal areas of:

  • Conservation of biodiversity: in protected areas, critical forest ecosystems, and conservation of biodiversity related to sustainable agriculture.
  • Climate change mitigation: by reducing the percentage of greenhouses gases emission.
  • Prevention of Land degradation and soil erosion.
  • Protection of International Waters.
  • Reduction of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)/chemicals

Types of projects:

Under priorities and focal areas mentioned above, grant is awarded to projects with the following activities:

  • Support planning and participation of the community: The project aims to involve the community in determining the actual situation and developing plans to improve it.
  • Pilot projects: including projects with innovative ideas and application of appropriate techniques and technologies, feasibility study of these projects, encouraging project replication and scaling up.
  • Capacity building: aims to build the capacity of NGOs (training, technical support…) to implement local activities within the priorities and focal areas of interest of SGP.
  • Monitoring and analysis: include support of associations and research centers (especially universities) in projects that aims at assisting in monitoring existing projects, documenting successful projects, and drawing lessons learned.
  • Networking, policy discussion and information dissemination: including projects that support dissemination of information on successful projects, networking projects that provide joint work among all stakeholders, and projects related to advocacy to correct policies

Project Selection Criteria:

The applicant must:

  • Have experience, credibility and good governance (transparency, democracy, acceptance from the community and have previous experience in the field).
  • Be representative (public committee, NGO, research center or academic institution).
  • Coordinate with other local partners (public committees, NGOs, municipalities, private sector, youth clubs, women’s associations, etc.).
  • Have the ability to write narrative and financial progress reports and to propose ways to modify and evaluate the project.
  • Be a non‐profit, non‐governmental body.
  • Have a bank account.

Closing date : Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Funding : $ 2,000 – $ 50,000

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