UNDP – Call for Proposals « Modernization of Vocational Education and Training system (VET) related to agriculture in Georgia (Phase II)”

UNDP – Call for Proposals « Modernization of Vocational Education and Training system (VET) related to agriculture in Georgia (Phase II)”


The United Nations Development Program Georgia (UNDP) with the financial support of the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC) is implementing the project « Modernization of Vocational Education and Training system (VET) related to agriculture in Georgia (Phase II), which aims at creating and developing a modern system of vocational education and extension in agriculture in Georgia.

In order to achieve the mentioned goal, the project envisages capacity building of the vocational education institutions in the field of agriculture, so that they better respond to the new authorization standards and general requirements established by the newly adopted (2018) Law of Georgia on Vocational Education. The project has earmarked the Capacity Development Fund to support Agricultural VET providers to get aligned to
the new national standards, which are focusing on different aspects of institutional development including strategies, management and administration, HR, quality management, in-house teacher development, etc. by developing and implementing innovative ideas and best practices.

Based on competitive selection, the UNDPproject will allocate small grants ranging from GEL 10,000 to GEL 40,000 to support capacity development of vocational education institutions in the field of agriculture.

Purpose of this call for proposals :

The purpose of the Call for Proposals is to support vocational educational, training/retraining institutions and other short-term training provider organizations (NGO’s) operating in the field of agriculture, for their capacity building and further development to implement new authorization standards through allocation of small grants.

To this end, UNDP project intends to:

• Strengthen public-private partnerships in the delivery of vocational education;
• Support institutional development of vocational educational institutions;
• Strengthen human capital;
• Enhance the capacity of VET institutions in preparation and development of project proposals.

Grant Project Application shall be in line with above-mentioned main directions of the grant competition and should strive to achieve at least one output listed below preferably with the focus on agricultural sector:

  • Internal efficiency of the management system (including quality management system (QMS) and operations and administration of resources have been improved.
  • Teachers in-house professional development system has been improved;
  • Vocational education has been promoted;
  • Linkages with labour market has been established, through strengthened cooperation between private sector and vocational education and/or vocational training institutions and by introduction of the supporting tools;
  • Quality and consistency of vocational education, training, and assessment practices of learning outcomes have been improved and developed;
  • Student services and extracurricular activities have been developed;
  • All groups, including women and socially vulnerable groups are engaged and strengthened;
  • Lifelong learning opportunities in the agriculture sector has been strengthening;
  • Entrepreneurial and innovative schemes to support the provision of high quality and market-relevant VET programs, including interdisciplinary and WBL programs, production value chains, jointly provided programs, VET-based agricultural extension models have been introduced.

Who can apply 

Vocational educational, training/retraining institutions (LEPL’s, N(N)LE’s) including other short-term training providers and organizations (N(N)LE’s (NGO’s) with agriculture development background (including agriculture/food processing fields). All above mentioned institutions have to demonstrate proven experience and capabilities in carrying out the formal and/or non-formal vocational education and training in the field of
agriculture/food processing.

Organizations should be registered in accordance with the legal requirements of the Government of Georgia, must be able to provide organization’s statute and the debt certificate.

Coalitions (partnership) with VET/training providers, NGOs, private sector and government institutions is encouraged.

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