le 03/11/2023

UNCDF – RFA: Kigoma Joint Program on Agriculture – Scaling Up access to Finance in the Kigoma Region

UNCDF is pleased to invite applications for consortiums of local implementing partners to serve a select number of districts in Kigoma region.

It seeks dynamic collaborations between NGOs, Fintech/agri-tech entities, and/or financial service providers (FSPs) to offer access to finance solutions, digitize select value chains, and embed e-extension advisory services.

Challenges/Problem Statement and Objectives of the Solution :

Areas of intervention: Saving group formation, strengthening, formalization & financial education

  • Problem : The majority of SHFs, MSMEs, women & youth in Kigoma region face challenges with poor saving habits, limited accumulation of savings, and low financial capabilities, which hinder their ability to make sound financial decisions.
  • Solution : Create, monitor and strengthen savings groups to enhance micro-savings and subsequent access to microloans

Areas of intervention: Targeted Saving for agri inputs

  • Problem: Limited saving plans for agricultural activities that limit timely purchase of quality agri inputs by smallholder farmers.
  • Solution: Introduce a targeted savings plan (specifically for agri-inputs) within the savings groups set up.

Areas of intervention: Last mile access to finance and other embedded services for Small Holder Farmers

  • Problem: Limited access to formal financial services, products, and channels hindering the growth and scale of smallholder farmer production and subsequent off-take.
  • Solution: Value chain digitization to enhance use of data to sustain connections between smallholder farmers and agri inputs providers. Provision of last-mile embedded product/service offerings including access to finance and e-extension advisory services through local agro-dealer networks and mobile/bank agents.

The examples in the identified areas of intervention are not exhaustive. The team at UNCDF is open to other applicant ideas as long as scale, commercial viability and impact objectives are aligned.

Eligibility requirements :

  • The applicant/lead applicant must be an entity registered to operate in Tanzania with at least three years of operations.
  • Applicants can apply only once through a consortium under this RFA. Applications must include any combination of NGO, fintech/ag-tech, and/or financial service provider.
  • Solutions designed must complement different areas of expertise.
  • The applicant/lead applicant must have statutory accounts and audited financial statements for at least three operating years.
  • The NGOs applicant must currently have presence in Kigoma region with experience in managing saving groupsand must be open to work closely with private sector actors.
  • Applicants shall have fullfilled all the obligations relating to the payment of social security contributions or obligations relating to the payment of taxes in accordance with legal provisions in force in the country of incorporation.


Closing date: Nov 13 2023, 23:59 EDT

Funding: USD 100,000 – USD200,000

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