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UN WOMEN – Social Innovation Grants in Kyrgyzstan

The United Nations (UN) in partnership with the European Union (EU) launched a regional multi-year Spotlight Initiative to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls (VAWG), including harmful practices (HP), and aims at achieving transformational change. Through a comprehensive approach, the Spotlight Initiative will focus its work on sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) against women and girls through six key pillars :

  1. strengthening, developing and implementing relevant legislation and policies;
  2. strengthening national and sub-national institutions;
  3. preventing violence through evidence-based programmes and campaigns;
  4. ensuring the collection and use of prevalence and incidence data;
  5. strengthening or establishing essential services for victims/survivors;
  6. and partnering directly with women’s movements and civil society

Objectives :

The objective is to support CSO’s and missing groups (most vulnerable and marginalized) through Social innovation grants to empower them to act as agents of change brining new innovative solutions to eliminate VAWG.

To achieve this goal, the project will focus on the following outcome and related outputs :

Outcome 6 : Women’s rights groups, autonomous social movements and relevant CSOs, including those representing youth and groups facing multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination/marginalization, more effectively influence and advance progress in Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) and ending SGBV.

  • Output 6.1. : Women’s rights group and relevant CSOs’ have increased opportunities and support to share knowledge, network, partner and jointly advocate for GEWE and ending SGBV, more specifically, with relevant stakeholders at sub-national, national, regional and global level.

         Indicator 6.1.4 : Number of women’s rights groups, networks and relevant CSOs with strengthened capacities to network, partner and  jointly advocate for progress on ending SGBV at local, national, regional and global levels

  • Output 6.2 : Women’s rights groups and relevant CSOs are better supported to use social accountability mechanisms to support their advocacy and influence on prevention and response to SGBV and GEWE more broadly.

         Indicator 6.2.1 : Number of supported women’s right groups and relevant CSOs using the appropriate accountability mechanisms for advocacy

Eligibility :

Organization :

  • Officially registered legal entity in Kyrgyzstan eligible of the assignment (Organization Charter, license and other supporting documents need to be attached to the proposal)
  • General Organizational Capability which is likely to affect performance (i.e. size of the organization, strength of management support)
  • Relevance of:
  1. Proven record of successful grants application selecting, grants administering and monitoring
  2. Excellent knowledge of social innovation approaches; strategic thinking; institutional development and designing innovative public policies.
  3. Good understanding of principles of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls
  4. Strong experience of EVAWG, GEWE, and social development
  5. Wide network of partners throughout of the country and specifically in three target provinces (Chui, Naryn, and Osh) Experience of working with United Nations or with other international organizations is an advantage
  • Quality assurance procedures are in place
  • Experience of working with international and donor organizations



Submission deadline: 23:59 on 26 September 2021

Funding : USD 60 000,00

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