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UN Women – Running of UN Women’s Resilience and Empowerment centers for women and girls in Za’atari and Azraq camps in Jordan

This call seeks proposals that can support UN Women’s initiative to ensure that Syrian women refugees are better served by humanitarian action and resilience-building initiatives in Jordan through the running of the existing Oasis centers in Za’atari and Azraq camps (three in Za’atari and one in Azraq).

The  successful  Responsible  Party  will  have  a  deep  understanding  of  enhancing empowerment, protection and resilience of crisis-affected women.

UN Women welcomes proposals that include the running of Oasis centers in both or either camp (three Oasis centers in Za’atari and one Oasis center in Azraq).

Required services/results:   

The project objectives will be met through the achievement of the following outputs and activities:

Secure livelihoods opportunities provided via cash for work that graduates into sustainable employment opportunities whether through job placement, entrepreneurship, or work permit applications.

  • Output 1: Women in refugee camps benefit from livelihood and economic opportunities, which include skills development.

Gender based violence prevention, protection and awareness raising services

  • Output 2: Women in refugee camps have access to protection mechanisms, including those that prevent and address Gender-Based Violence (GBV)


The Call  is  open  to  International  Non-Governmental  Organisations  (INGOs,  registered  in Jordan)  and  local  Civil  Society Organisations  (CSO).

Successful partners shall have strong expertise on supporting women’s livelihoods including through delivering cash for work  and needs-based  skills  training  for  marginalized  women  but  also  for  women  with  basic  income  generating capabilities.

The application will have demonstrated experience of working with the most marginalized and vulnerable crisis affected  women  who  have  limited  access  to  and  knowledge  on  life-saving  services,  particularly  female  headed households, young women and adolescent girls, Gender Based Violence (GBV) survivors, women with disabilities, older women, in refugee camps settings.

In addition, applicants should have technical capacity to manage the four Oasis centers according  to  guidance  provided.

Successful  Responsible  Party  should  have  the  right  technical, financial and conceptual background to effectively implement the project in Za’atari and/or Azraq camps.


Submission deadline: 01 November 2023

Funding: 500,000 USD – 1.5 million USD

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