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UN Women’s goal in Liberia is to promote women’s human rights and gender equality which are key in sustaining and furthering achievements in stability and development.  In this regard, its programming in the Country is connected to four corporate priority areas:

  • women’s leadership and political participation
  • enhancing women’s economic empowerment
  • engaging women in all aspects of women, peace and security processes
  • advancing women’s rights to live free from violence and gender responsive governance

In addition, UN Women also coordinates and promotes the UN system’s joint work in advancing gender equality.

The joint project will contribute to a sustainable change of the current paradigm of legal aid provisions towards a more gender-sensitive and inclusive approach by improving the quality of justice services for women.

The joint project will increase the capacity of lawyers and policy makers to enhance gender-sensitivity of legislations and frameworks in connection with their work on a Legal Aid Bill and comprehensive legal aid scheme.

This joint project will enhance the capacity of legal aid providers to adopt and implement a gender-sensitive and inclusive approach when delivering legal aid services.

The joint project will also contribute to the enhancement of legal empowerment of women, including through awareness raising, outreach to and cooperation with women leaders.

The joint project aims to enhance access to legal aid and services for women and vulnerable people in Liberia.

This objective is to be achieved through targeted activities that are expected to result in three main accomplishments. First, law and policy makers will be enabled to enhance gender-sensitivity of legislative and policy frameworks concerning legal aid. Second, legal aid providers will be trained to enhance their capacity to deliver legal aid services in a gender sensitive way. Third, women will be supported to improve awareness of their right to legal aid and how to access it. The joint project is built on a human rights-based approach with a focus on both duty bearers and rights holders.

Description of required services/results :

  • Facilitate awareness-raising and public information campaigns with women’s groups such as the Peace Hut Women, public defenders, prosecutors, the national legislature, legal aid service providers, civil society organizations and other relevant stakeholders on the Legal Aid Policy;
  • Build capacity of paralegals on the provision of legal aid services
  • Print and disseminate copies of the Legal Aid Policy to key stakeholders;
  • Map out legal aid service providers in Monrovia and support the establishment of a coordination mechanism for effective service delivery and referrals;
  • Support the drafting of the Legal Aid Bill and the development of an effective advocacy strategy that would ensure passage of the Bill when submitted to the legislature.
  • Facilitate meetings with specialized committees of the Legislature (Human Rights, Gender, Judiciary, etc.) to ensure buy-in prior to submission to the Legislature.

Activity target group :

 The selected IP will work in the selected project locations: Montserrado, Bong, and Grand Bassa, with the following target groups;

  • Legislature
  • Public Defenders
  • Peace Hut Women
  • Traditional and Religious Leaders
  • Women led CBOs
  • Persons living with HIV/AIDS and Disability and other marginalized groups.

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