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UN Women – COVID-19 and ensuring women’s health, wellness, and safety in Assam, India

UN Women India is implementing a programme titled “COVID-19 and ensuring women’s health, wellness, and safety in rural spaces in the tea sector in Assam” to forge and strengthen multi-sectoral partnerships in Assam, India.

The programme aims to effectively respond to the COVID-19 and pandemic through targeted interventions, mitigate the impacts of the pandemic, and enhance women workers’ health, wellness, and safety in the tea sector.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Inform : Assess the impact of COVID 19 on women and girls in the tea sector in rural spaces to inform locally owned women’s health, wellness and safety solutions for COVID 19 response and recovery
  • Get the information out : Leaders in a range of sectors (workers in tea / government/producers/managers/associations and other civil society groups including women health workers) have access to information to enable women and girls’ fullest role in COVID-19 response, with a priority focus on women’s health, wellness and safety. Builds capacities of 8500 rightsholders through training programmes etc.
  • Provide critical support : Women workers’ access to health and other essential services in the tea sector in Assam are increased.

Qualifications of the Organisation:

  1. The agency should have at least five years of experience in conducting large scale field implementation projects on issues of gender equality, women’s empowerment, public finance management, and/or gender responsive governance focused in India and at the state level.
  2. The agency should have a national presence and preferably state presence, with proven experience and /or outreach and knowledge of local language of the proposed states highly desirable. Proven experience of working with central and state Governments, other development and UN agencies would be an asset.
  3. Not profit Organisations which are registered in India with following background and experience will be eligible.


Submission deadline: 03 June 2022 at 17:00

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