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UN-Habitat – Establish an innovative space for learning and working in the public library at Nawfal Palace (Lebanon)

Purpose of this call:

Engage the Implementing Partner (IP) to establish an innovative space for learning and working in the public library at Nawfal Palace, Tripoli.

The assignment involves support in implementing a new Integrated Library System in the public library at Nawfal Palace in Tripoli to improve access, quality, and overall usage of the library by the community.

Objectives :

The primary objectives of this assignment are:

  1. Archive and label existing books: this involves the implementation and customization of an open-source software as the new Integrated Library System-ILS for the library, which meets the library’s needs for cataloging and circulation. The installed system is expected to be user-friendly and accessible to library staff and users, including children. The system will be tested to ensure it meets the library’s needs and requirements.
  2. Provide training and support to library staff: This includes building the skills of existing staff on the proper operations and maintenance of the open-source software, ensuring the best use of and a smooth integration of the new system.
  3. Raise the awareness of the community on the use of books: the IP is expected to develop communication and awareness raising messages on the use of books that will be adopted and disseminated by the municipality of Tripoli to the public.

Eligibility : 

Legal statut:

  • Certificate of registration/incorporation i.e.,
  • Proof of registration in Country of Origin.
  • Proof of registration of Country of operation
  • Proof of country operational presence.


Closing date : 19 July 2023

Funding : US$ 45,000

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