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U.S. Embassy in Burundi – Ambassador’s Self-Help Fund

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The Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Mission to Burundi is pleased to announce an open competition for organizations and individuals to submit applications to carry out a program or project with funding through the Public Diplomacy Grants Program.

The Embassy of the United States of America in Bujumbura funds socio-economic development projects in local communities.

The Ambassador’s Self-Help Fund (SSH) is designed to fund small-scale development projects aimed at improving basic socio-economic living conditions in communities. Its primary objective is to help people become self-sufficient.

This Self-Help fund provides small, short-term grants (one year) to community groups that are working to improve the basic economic and social conditions of their villages or communities.  The fund provides grants for activities such as construction of classrooms, construction of ventilated pit latrines, construction of community centers and health clinics, boreholes for access to clean water, school equipment and supplies, medical equipment, solar heating, and agricultural kits, among others listed in our guidelines.

What makes a project eligible for funding?

  • The project must be initiated by the community and should benefit the community by increasing income or improving living or social conditions. If the project is designed to generate income, it must be truly community-based and not a for-profit enterprise or sole proprietorship, and the project must have a plan for equitable distribution of any income generated.
  • Applicants must be a non-profit organization, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs) registered with the Government of Burundi, Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) that support community-based initiatives, or a community association formed at least one year before the date of application.
  • The proposed project should be a single activity that helps to improve basic economic or social conditions at the community level. Projects should be administered at the community level.
  • The project should be sustainable and not require continued support after the one-time contribution from the Special Self-Help Program ends.
  • Substantial community participation is required during the project. There is a requirement for cost sharing, matching, or cost participation (e.g., labor, materials, equipment, land, buildings, or funding) of 10%.
  • Projects must be within the ability of the community to operate and maintain sustainably.
  • All projects must be completed within one calendar year of the grant award date.


Deadline for Applications: May 31, 2023

Funding : max $12,000 USD

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