The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation – Call for proposals


The Mott Foundation funds grants in the United States and, on a limited geographic basis, internationally. While we’re open to new ideas and projects, funding for unsolicited requests is very limited. If you’re interested in submitting an idea to us for funding, the first step is to complete a letter of inquiry (LOI) form. Your LOI will help our program staff determine the relevance of your proposed project to our programs and provide you with advice on whether to submit a full proposal.


Civil society
Flint area

Geographic limitations:

In addition to funding organizations in the United States, Mott’s Civil Society program provides grants to organizations in Central and Eastern Europe and South Africa. Our Education program funds projects solely in the United States. Our Environment program primarily funds organizations in the Great Lakes region, but also makes grants to selected organizations in other countries to help ensure that international investment and trade support sustainable development and reduce environmental degradation. Our Flint Area program funds a broad range of projects in the city of Flint and Genesee County, Michigan. Each of our four programs has clearly stated guidelines, which we encourage you to review before submitting an LOI.

Requirements for non-U.S. organizations:

In order for the Mott Foundation to make a grant to a non-U.S. charitable organization, certain rules and procedures must be followed. We must determine that foreign grantees would qualify as a public charity in the United States. Mott makes this determination based on a document, which is referred to as the “affidavit packet.” The affidavit packet requires that various organizational documents be submitted by the prospective foreign grantee. Organizations regranting Mott Foundation funds are also required to complete and submit special forms.


From $1,500 to $25,000,000

For more information, please visit The Mott Foundation.

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