Strategic Collaborative Fund – Agrobiodiversity and Food Systems

The Strategic Collaborative Fund 2 (SCF2) aims to foster regional cooperation and policy dialogue for sustainable development and environmental sustainability, through capacity building, knowledge sharing and increased collaboration.

SCF2 welcomes concept notes for regional strategic events in Asia, specifically in South and Southeast Asia that highlight the advancement of environmental sustainability, gender equality, human rights and poverty reduction.

Theme :

Harnessing the Benefits of Agrobiodiversity to Build Sustainable and Inclusive Food Systems

Expected results :

We invite proposals for a regional event that will discuss the linkages between ecosystems and food systems, especially from the view of disadvantaged and marginalised groups and/or women.

Regional Strategic Collaboration :

The thematic call aims to support activities, events, and processes that help achieve the transition towards sustainable and inclusive food systems by fostering regional partnerships around the interlinked themes of biodiversity, climate change, gender, human rights, and well-being in the Asian context. The event expected to influence policies to increase agrobiodiversity implementation through various levers, such as governance, economic and financial measures, individual and collective action, science and technology.

The types of initiatives could include, but not limited to:

  • Strengthening coordination between systems and sectors to accelerate the progress to achieve global goals such as Sustainable Development Goals and Aichi Biodiversity Targets and realise human rights, including, but not limited to, right to food, adequate standard of living.
  • Sharing and build lessons on synergies and interconnectedness across systems in relation to agrobiodiversity and food systems
  • Aligning with the national or regional event or policy pathways and ensuring that traditional ecological knowledge, rights, customary and indigenous practices are integrated
  • Targeting policies that help to promote gender and social equity, and human rights

Theme-specific criteria :

The successful event proposal will meet the following criteria:

  • Integrating a rights-based approach and mainstreaming gender to ensure that the environmental and food systems are equitable and inclusive and raising awareness of human rights and associated obligations related to the adverse environmental impacts of the global food system to catalyse action
  • Addressing interconnectedness of agrobiodiversity and food systems
  • Identify and enhance regional collaboration and policy actions to achieve sustainable food systems with agrobiodiversity practices
  • Promoting a collaborative approach by designing, facilitating, and involving diverse range of stakeholders, ensuring inclusive and meaningful participation

Eligibility Criteria :

The following can apply for the grant:

  • Nonprofit organizations or networks that based in Asia can apply. Organizations outside the region can be considered if the proposed event addresses issues relevant to Asia and can engage regional stakeholders. They should:
    • Have experience in hosting relevant policy dialogues that engage different groups and stakeholders.
    • Feature key speakers and participants who are able to share knowledge and experience in environmental sustainability, while addressing cross-cutting issues of gender equality, human rights and poverty.
  • Private sector players can apply, if their proposal seeks to engage with the public sector and/or civil society organizations. Funding cannot be used for covering private sector actors’ participation in the supported event (related travel and accommodation expenses). It should, however, be used to increase participation of other stakeholders such as civil society and the public sector. A cost-sharing option for micro and small enterprises with resource constraints can be considered.
  • Organizations that are currently Sida’s grantees are not eligible to apply as the lead organization, but can be part of the consortium.



Closing date : 17 mai 2021

Funding : maximum of SEK 450,000 (approximately USD 45,000)

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