Sasakawa Peace Foundation Funds: Promoting International Exchange, Cooperation, Understanding

Presentation :

The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF) accepts applications from NGOs/ other not for profit organizations to undertake the different types of projects while promoting international exchange, cooperation & understanding.

SPF contributes to the welfare of humankind and the sound development of the international community, and thus to world peace, by conducting activities fostering international understanding, exchange, and cooperation, as well as efforts to promote these activities.

Project Types

  • Regular Projects tend to be for projects in fields considered important by SPF, such as peace building and human migration. Regular Projects deal with issues.
  • Grants provided through Special Funds tend to be for projects addressing pressing issues in the Asian and Pacific Islands Regions. Special Funds deal with countries and regions.

Program Areas

Projects must promote international understanding, exchange, and cooperation, and must accord with program policy of SPF and program guidelines of SPF special funds.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nonprofit organizations and Voluntary organizations of any nation are eligible to apply for grants.
  • Organizations can include incorporated foundations and corporations, NPO corporations, universities and other incorporated educational institutions, and private organizations conducting non-profit activities, established on the basis of the Act on Promotion of Specified Non-profit Activities.
  • Commercial enterprises and individuals are not eligible to apply.
  • Applications must be written in either Japanese or English.

Grant Size & Duration

  • The project program duration can be one to three years.
  • The yearly budget per project has been between US$ 20,000 and US$100,000.

How to Apply

All proposals must be sent by post following the steps-

  • Download the grant application cover sheet available on the website.
  • Fill in all the details about the project in the application cover sheet. Applications must be written in either Japanese or English.
  • Attach documents if necessary (not compulsory)
  • Send the application via post on the address available on the website.
  • Enquiries can also be made regarding grant application.

For more information, please visit Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

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