Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria seeking Project Proposals for Kosovo

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria seeking Project Proposals for Kosovo Drapeau Bulgarie

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria through the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in The Republic of Kosovo has announced a procedure for accepting and selecting proposals for projects to be implemented with a grant within the framework of the Official Development Assistance of the Republic of Bulgaria, with an initial deadline for launching in 2020.

The priority areas and guidelines for implementing projects on the territory of the Republic of Kosovo are:

  • increasing the quality of education and improving the school infrastructure;
  • improving the quality of healthcare;
  • protection of human rights and minority rights;
  • building capacity to support security and strengthen the rule of law.

Objectives and Scope of the Projects :

  • Judging for increasing access to education through improving educational infrastructure and access to education and training.
  • Enhancing teacher qualifications and teaching materials for improving student results, communication capabilities and critical thinking skills.
  • Improving the quality of provision of health services.
  • Development of the capacity of NGOs in the field of human rights protection, minority rights and such in the field of security.

Target Groups :

  • Children and students from educational institutions/schools and kindergartens.
  • Children from different ethnic groups.
  • Vulnerable categories of persons (people with disabilities, representatives of marginalized communities, etc.).

Expected Results :

  • Validation of the reputation and international authority of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Improving socio-economic development and good governance leading to sustainability and inclusion in economic development.
  • Determine the interaction between institutions at central, regional and local level.

Eligible Project Budget :

  • Minimal amount of the project is 5 000 BGN.
  • Recommended maximum amount of the project is 30 000 BGN.

Implementation Deadlines and Duration of the Projects :

  • Project proposals must contain an indicative start date for the implementation of the project after March 1, 2020 and no later than November 30, 2020.
  • Projects must be completed no later than December 31, 2022 (the third year of the Bulgarian three-year budget forecast).

Eligible Candidates :

  • Primary and secondary budget spenders – legal entities of the Republic of Kosovo.
  • International and local non-governmental organizations.
  • Municipalities and their associations.
  • Educational, health and social institutions.
  • International humanitarian organisations.

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