le 11/01/2022

Global Warming Mitigation Project – The Keeling Curve Prize

The Keeling Curve is a graph that represents the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in Earth’s atmosphere since 1958. It is named after its creator, Dr. Charles David Keeling.

Since the recordings began, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has steadily increased, representing anthropogenic climate change. It’s our goal to bend the curve back down.

The Keeling Curve welcome entries for active projects or programs from anywhere in the world.

To that end,the team is looking for projects with a proven track record of taking greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. They’ve developed five categories, each one addressing a specific sector of climate innovation :

1) Carbon Sinks (Natural & Engineered)

Projects in this category are advancing technological and nature-based strategies for capturing and/or utilizing heat-trapping gases from the air or oceans.

2) Energy

Projects in this category decarbonize energy, support zero-carbon energy innovations, and lead the way in improving the supply, distribution, and access of low or zero-emissions energy systems worldwide.

3) Finance

Projects in this category are making financial mechanisms and economics work for greenhouse gas reduction and/or reversal ventures.

4) Social & Cultural Pathways

Projects in this category are changing the way people consider, understand, and act concerning human impacts on planet Earth. They are trying to answer the question: what does it take, socially and culturally, to develop beyond fossil fuels?

5) Transport & Mobility

Projects that apply in this category are reimagining and reinventing all types of vehicles, fuels, and mobility options for both people and products. These projects will confront the carbon footprint of the vehicles themselves and the routes traveled.


Closing date : February 10, 2022

Funding : $25,000

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