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Enabel – Renewable Energy for Rural Development in Mozambique

This is a call for proposals in two phases. As a first step, only concept notes should be submitted for evaluation. After evaluation of the concept notes including the admissibility of the applicants, the applicants who have been shortlisted will be invited to submit a proposal.

The general objective of this Call for Proposals is to introduce and promote SPIS technology among producers in preselected rural areas and to create awareness and stimulate demand for Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS) amongst them.

The main actions expected from the grant beneficiary will include :

  1. Informing, educating and communicating on SPIS in order to mobilize farmers for local buyin. SPIS technology will be introduced to farmers, agroentrepreneurs, farmers groups, extensionists and community with a specific target on women and youth. Information and knowledge relative to sociotechnical suitability and cost effectiveness of SPIS will be disseminated and discussed with end users to match expectations and needs.
  2. Capacity building market actors such as extension workers, lead farmers, research and education institutions to fully understand the opportunities presented by SPIS as well correct equipment installation, operation and maintenance.
  3. Documenting and disseminating learning generated through the project activities to relevant stakeholders to promote the sustainable growth of the SPIS sector.

Efforts and activities are structured around 3 areas of change :

  • Infrastructures: sustainable SPIS are taken up by selected farmers in 2 provinces
  • Actors and systems: the technical and financial capacities of farmers, institutional partners and market actors for a sustainable use of solar powered irrigation systems are enhanced
  • Enabling environment: initiatives to foster an enabling environment for private and public investments in the irrigation sector are supported.

The main target beneficiaries are farmers who will benefit directly from an increased access to energy though SPIS and an improvement of irrigation and agricultural practices.


Eligibility :

To be admissible for grants, the applicant must satisfy the following conditions :

  • be a legal person;
  • be a nonprofit private entity or a foundation
  • be established or represented in Mozambique;
  • be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with the coapplicant(s) and not be acting as an intermediary;
  • have a mission that is in line with the objectives of this Call for Proposals and consistent with the objectives of the intervention;
  • be able to demonstrate its capacity to manage the funds and activities related to this Call for Proposals;
  • have at least ten (10) years of experience in supporting and strengthening agricultural producers or professional agricultural organisations in Mozambique;
  • have experience in the implementation of irrigation and sustainable management of hydroagricultural schemes in Mozambique;
  • have already carried out activities in the field of IEC or Communication for Development (C4D) and production of communication materials;
  • have experience of working in partnership with the private sector and an understanding of inclusive market systems development processes.
  • be able to demonstrate previous experience with an international donor in relation to the theme of this Call for Proposals.

The applicant may either act individually, or with one or multiple coapplicants. Partnership with a coapplicant(s) is encouraged insofar as its members (applicant and coapplicants) are complementary in terms of skills, technical capacity and geographical coverage.


Deadline for submission of concept note: 4th May 2022

Funding : Lot 1 Manica province: 100.000 EUR

Lot 2 Zambezia province: 100.000 EUR

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