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Enabel – Business development services for women and youth in Rwanda

The general objective of the action is that welfare and living standards of beneficiaries are improved from Decent employment opportunities created especially for the youth and women in selected sectors and their fundamental labor rights are better respected.

Specific objective/outcomes of this Call for Proposals :

  1. Supported start-up and existing enterprises (economic units) create jobs/employment opportunities for the previously unemployed or underemployed labor-force especially the youth and women (at least 5,000 jobs)
  2. Beneficiaries earn better incomes and are able to meet living needs, save more or meet their borrowing needs (at least 15% increment in incomes)
  3. More secure jobs with contracts and regular payment are created (at least 1000 jobs with contracts)
  4. Beneficiaries gain access to existing health, pension, and maternity insurance schemes (at least 50% of beneficiaries become enrolled on existing social protection schemes)
  5. Beneficiaries are protected from occupational accidents and hazards (at least 60% of supported enterprises adopt practices to protect workers from occupational health risks)

Outputs or expected results :

By the end of this project, the service provider is expected to meet the following deliverables:

  1. At least 500 startup entrepreneurs are identified, enrolled in well-tailored business and vocational training programs, supported to generate business ideas and supported to develop bankable business projects
  2. At least 500 existing MSME enterprises with capacity gaps are identified and enrolled in tailored business training programs to address their business growth gaps
  3. At least 350 startups receive working capital and/or leasing products from the market.
  4. At least 500 existing enterprises are accompanied to access working capital and equipment financing from the financial institutions; with a specific attention to targeting the financing window from the BDF grant.
  5. At least 850 beneficiaries receive after care business support services including mentoring and coaching, market networks, and others similar requirements to make them sustainable.
  6. Trainings and after care support delivered integrate decent work dimension and awareness raising in relation with the objectives specified.

This call for proposal has three (3) Lots :

  • Lot 1: Provide Business Development Services for women and youth in Karongi
  • Lot 2: Provide Business Development Services for women and youth in Rutsiro
  • Lot 3: Provide Business Development Services for women and youth in Nyamasheke

Eligibility : 

  • To be admissible for grants, the applicant must satisfy the following conditions:
  • Be a legal person; and
  • Be a non-government Organization, Private non-for-profit entity or in the form of a foundation
  • Be established in RWANDA
  • Be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action and not be acting as an intermediary


Closing date : 24 April 2023 , 2:00 PM Kigali time

Funding : EUR 400.000 – EUR 666.500

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