DFID – UK Aid Connect

DFID – UK Aid Connect


The world has seen substantial success on poverty reduction. However, 1.2 billion people remain in extreme poverty. There is a growing recognition that the problems facing the poorest most excluded people and the global challenges underlying those problems, are complex and interconnected. No single development actor has all the answers. Coalitions and collaboration bring new and creative ideas, innovation, better results and opportunities through pooled ideas, skills and resources. DFID wants to bring those qualities together in coalitions that address key development challenges in the following priority thematic areas:

Phase 1

  • Promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Achieving disability inclusion
  • Working towards global security and stability
  • Building civil society effectiveness

Phase 2

  • Building open societies
  • Tackling child labour and modern slavery
  • Addressing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender inclusion
  • Supporting tolerance and freedom of religion or belief

The consortia will undertake action research, trialling new approaches and testing the viability of scaling up effective approaches to produce rigorous and influential evidence and learning. The specific results delivered by each consortium will in part be determined by the nature of the issues to be addressed in those particular policy and thematic areas. However, we envisage the consortia will produce rigorous and influential practical evidence, knowledge and learning. The rigorous evidence and learning produced by the consortia will be used to implement and scale up these innovative solutions to deliver real change to poor people’s lives in low and middle income countries.

Eligible organisations:

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), UK-based non-profit organisations, UK-based small and diaspora organisations, Companies, and Local government

Value of funding:

More than £1,000,000

How to apply:

The Terms of Reference for each of the themes will set out the background on UK Aid Connect and the process for submitting the proposal. A strong proposal will provide quality ideas and articulate how those ideas will bring about lasting change. We do not expect to see a full programme design. This will be undertaken with DFID during the co-creation phase.

Between now and 31 July, DFID will convene a series of open meetings to discuss the key development challenges in the thematic areas. Information on these events are posted below and the terms of reference for each theme will start to be posted week commencing 10 July.

DFID is inviting consortia to submit proposals that will address the key development challenges in the priority thematic areas listed below. The deadline for the submission of proposals is:

  • Phase 1: 11:59pm on 18 August 2017
  • Phase 2: 11:59pm on 15 September 2017

For more information, please visit UK Aid Connect website.