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Al Madad Foundation – Creating Direct Pathways to Formal Education

Al Madad Foundation’s objective is to support civil society institutions and schools in delivering creative and innovative solutions to specific problems facing refugee and displaced children and youths in the Middle East and Europe, and find approaches to make education safe, accessible, and resilient in emergencies.  We aspire to identify and correct gaps in existing educational and protection systems that are failing to offer sustainable solutions to refugee children and youths and their families.

For this call, all projects must specifically address innovative solutions to accessing formal education as well as employment-focused vocational training, answering specific needs and presenting realistic solutions for refugee and displaced children and youths.

The terms ar defined as follows: Innovation Proposals should represent solutions to persistent problems that prevent children from accessing learning

  • Access All projects will need to clearly show that beneficiaries will be easily able to access the offering and that any challenges (transportation, safety, etc.) have been overcome; the focus must be on the child/young person (not teacher training, for example) and they must directly benefit from the proposed action
  • Formal Education All projects will need to offer the highest quality education services, either within a recognised educational environment or with an aim to transitioning students into one; there does not necessarily need to be a connection to state or private schools, but the intervention must be organised in such a way that the teaching the children receive is of the highest level and is transferrable to whatever school/college/institution to which the children progress

Preference will be given to:

  • Projects that establish/refurbish/equip in-person schools
  • Projects that take place in-person where possible, rather than through remote learning solutions
  • Projects that are sustainable, or have sustainable elements, beyond the period of AMF’s involvement or which have a natural, defined end-point
  • Projects in which staff are able to commit to regular contact with AMF in order to communicate progress
  • Projects that have ‘built in’ methods of obtaining service-user feedback

In order to be considered eligible, organisations must have:

  • Registered charity status in the country in which they are headquartered; individuals who wish to apply can only do so in conjunction with a registered organisation (e.g. an academic researcher might apply with the backing of their university)
  • The capacity to meet our reporting requirements which will ultimately be decided between AMF and the grant recipient after a thorough review of the Full Application Form
  • Policies in place to ensure that the Child Protection laws of the country in which they operate are obeyed and a clear methodology that demonstrates that it is appropriately and consistently applied



Closing date : 4 October 2022

Funding : £100,000

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