le 15/09/2021

AGCO Agriculture Foundation – Fight against Hunger

The AGCO Agriculture Foundation (AAF) has launched a new grant application platform through a Community Investment software partner, Benevity to identify non-profit organizations to partner with in the fight against hunger.

The goal of the AAF’s grant funding is to provide resources to initiate and support impactful programs that align with our focus areas and mission of achieving food security and sustainable agricultural development in communities around the world.

The AGCO Agriculture Foundation is seeking to support Zero Hunger projects and initiatives that align with our five key focus areas :

  1. Forward-looking approach to nutritional demands
  2. Advancement of quality education in agriculture
  3. Advancement of community development, particularly in rural areas
  4. Ethical treatment of farm animals across the value chain
  5. Advancement of social initiatives that enhance our vision

Eligibility :

Non-profit organizations that are registered and recognized as charitable organizations under the law and working in marginalized farming communities are eligible to apply for grant funding.

As part of the application process, applicants are asked to provide a certificate of non-for-profit registration to AAF in order to be considered for a grant.


Closing date : October 1st, 2021

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