International conference in Geneva|Providing a reference tool to the aid community: The State of Humanitarian Professions

In a rapidly changing aid ecosystem, how to help humanitarian organisations better recruit, retain and develop competent staff? How to help individuals have greater clarity on how they can enter the aid sector and be effective for people in need? How to help learning providers better target the most acute learning needs?

With the support of the Principality of Monaco, Bioforce launched mid-2019 the first international study on Humanitarian Professions: the State of Humanitarian Professions 2020 will give you deep insights on today’s state of 24 humanitarian professions and what their future will be. Bioforce and the SOHP 2020 Advisory Group (Humanity and Inclusion, Université du Québec à Montréal, NRC, ALNAP, CHS Alliance, Mercy Malaysia, PHAP, ICRC and the United Nations’ World Food Programme) will be pleased to share and discuss with you the results of this reference study at this international conference in Geneva.


Nearly 90 experts feeding in their experience through interviews

854 online survey respondants

16 local workshops around the world: in Europe, in Africa, in the Middle East, in Asia, in the Americas

Discover and discuss what they shared with us at the SOHP 2020 Conference


Two ways to attend:

Join us at the Starling GenevaHotel & Conference center, on Tuesday 17th of November, 9.30 – 5.30

Online participation in morning presentations and discussions


The study is very much needed. The questions that you asked are very comprehensive, you touched upon the most important aspects of this topic. It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about and I think the study you’re doing will help a lot.

We look forward to meeting you in November!

The SOHP Team at Bioforce


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