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Advertiser Zone


You are able to advertise as many job and tender opportunities as you wish with a yearly subscription, which varies according to your organisation’s budget:

. Lower than €2M: €120 (12 months subscription)
. Between €2M and €10M: €140 (12 months subscription)
. Between €10M and €50M: €200 (12 months subscription)
. Higher than €50M: €500 (12 months subscription)

>> If you have already registered and wish to advertise a new opportunity, please click here.

>> If you wish to register for the Job and Tender Service :

  1. Please read Coordination SUD’s Terms and Conditions for Job Advertisements and Tenders.
  2. Please complete the advertiser registration form.

>>  If you with to renew your subscription, please connect yourself to your dashboard and follow the advises.

Contact: For any further inquiries regarding registration or subscription renewals, please contact: presta-emploi@coordinationsud.org