Support to definition of research strategy, priorities and governance of ACF MHPSS and Protection department

Action Contre la Faim (ACF) saves the lives of undernourished children, promoting particularly treatment and prevention of undernutrition related to severe and moderate acute malnutrition. In its International Strategic Plan, ACF aims to mitigate the consequences of hunger, address the causes of hunger and change the way hunger is viewed and addressed. The four guiding principles to achieve ACF goals are focused on technical expertise and innovation, operational capacities, powerful and legitimate voice and transfer of knowledge and experience. ACF’s intervention policy in child care practices and mental health is part of ACF’s global strategy and contributes to the fight against hunger and response to emergencies. Mental Health, Care Practices, gender and Protection (MHCPGP) sector objectives consists in improving prevention of acute malnutrition by reinforcing positive child care practices and assisting in changing practices, preventing the deterioration of child care practices during disruptions, improving treatment and limit the negative impacts of malnutrition on children’s health, as well to provide Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) for populations.

Research is one of the core components of ACF to fulfil its mandate, ensure quality and efficient interventions and contribute to the fight against hunger and prevention and responses to emergencies. The MHCPGP Department has developed a strong research expertise to contribute to the evidence-based knowledge and innovation in its fields of expertise, measure the impact of its interventions.

Objectives of the consultancy

Through this consultancy, and based on ACF existing documents and experience, ACF’s MHCPGP sector wants to update existing research and knowledge, update and precise its research priorities and define its governance system in research.


· Briefing session by MHCPGP advisor on ACF’s programs, on MHCPGP integrated approach, activities and tools and on consultancy details and expectations (1/2 day)

· General reading overview of the existing ACF guidelines, projects and policy (1/2 day)

· Update and compile existing MHCPGP research projects, including scientific publications *(1,5 day)***

· Provide a scientific feedback on researches and studies of the department (2 days)

· Update and compile evidence-based information in our fields of expertise and propose niches of research for the department *(4,5 days)***

· Propose a framework and principles for the governance of research for the department based on ACF research recommendations*. (2 days)***

· Work with the MHCPGP advisor, presentation of the work and deliverables (1/2 day)

· Review (after MHCPGP advisor comments) and finalization of tools (1/2 day)


All deliverables must be written in academic English or in French (to be discussed)

1/ Update and compile existing researches, scientific publications of the MHCPGP department

· A document/table will synthetize the existing researches and publications conducted by the department will be produced

· A file will gather all the existing researches and publications of the department

· Write a porte-folio of MHCPGP researches that can be shared externally

2/ Provide a scientific feedback on the existing researches and publications

· A 3 to 4 pages document will provide a feedback on the existing researches and processes and will make recommendations for improvement.

3/ Update and compile evidence-based information in our fields of expertise and propose niches of research for the department

· Based on experiences and researches conducted by the department and on the current evidence and gaps in research in MHCPGP fields of expertise, define strategical approach and priorities in research for MHCPGP department in a document of about 10 pages.

· A brief document on the existing research strategy of the main donors in our sector

4/ Propose a framework and principles for the governance of research for the MHCPGP department based on ACF research recommendations

· A 2/3 pages document will describe the governance for MHCPGP research including ethical consideration and good scientific practices. This document will be adapted from the research department recommendations and documents. An annex with a check list for the good research project cycle management and governance will be proposed.

Contract duration & deadline

· 12 days of work in total, by the end of december 2020.

· Deliverables and bill expected by the 31rst of December 2020.

Location of the consultant and communication

· Teleworking.

· Regular e-mailing and visio call meetings for questions, updates, discussions and validation of work.

Contact person in Action Contre la Faim (ACF)

Cécile Bizouerne

Email :


Consultant’s necessary qualifications and experience:

· Background on MHCP/MHPSS/ECD/Child protection/humanitarian and/or development context

· PHD in psychology or related

· Research expertise and experience in humanitarian field and LMIC

· Previous experience with ACF is an asset

· Proved experience on writing methodologies and developing tools

· At ease with distance work with teams, good communication and coordination skills

· Rigorous, organized, creative and practical sense

· Excellent written English skills. French (spoken and written) is a plus


· ACF’s France consultancy contract

· Fixed daily rate: to be determined with the consultant.

· ACF and the consultant will agree on a fixed daily rate and specific days of work over a period of time to accomplish the given mission. A timesheet of effectively worked days is sent by the consultant and validated by ACF’s contact person. Payment is due 45 days after the end of the contract period, and based on production of deliverables.


ACF France will:

· Provide all relevant documents that are available to ACF and in line with the objectives of the consultancy.

· Regular feedback and support to the consultant

The consultant will use its own resources to achieve the given mission:

· A private insurance

· A computer virus free and with official licences for softwares

· A private & secure internet connexion

· A landline and/or a mobile phone

How to apply

Please send your CV and a cover letter/proposition of the consultancy to Cécile Bizouerne with “Application to Research consultancy” as the subject of the email before the 23th of November, 2020.

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