Labour Market Survey and Training Needs Assessment for Youth with Disabilities


  • Asmae

Asmae is a French international solidarity NGO specialised in child development. Independent, non-religious and non-political, it is open to everyone. Created in 1980 by Sister Emmanuelle following her experience with the poorest people of Egypt’s slums, Asmae keeps on respecting its founder’s values and methods: listening and proximity, pragmatism, respect of the differences, professionalism and reciprocity.

Nowadays Asmae supports education and protection projects through local organizations in France, Burkina-Faso, Egypt, Lebanon, Madagascar, and the Philippines. Furthermore, in France, Asmae also directly manages a mother and childcare center.

  • Asmae in Egypt

The country representative office of Asmae is registered under the Egyptian Association Law at the Ministry of Solidarity with the number 105/2015. Asmae’s action plan in Egypt for 2020 is implemented as follows:

Program Objectives
Prevention of school dropout and underperformance To deepen our understanding on education issues and sectorial priorities.
To contribute to increasing access to quality education of vulnerable children.
Support to children with disabilities To deepen our understanding on disability issues and to identify new partner(s).
To promote improvement in adapted care and services to children & youth with disabilities, in rehabilitation centers and inclusive schools.
Prevention and care of children at risk To deepen our understanding of child protection issues.

To reach its target, Asmae provides technical and financial support to its local Egyptian partners working in the above mentioned fields.

Asmae’s team is based in Cairo that includes a Country Representative, Senior Project Officer, Financial and Administrative Officer, and a National Office Assistant at the present time.


Asmae Egypt is currently implementing the Project “Developing Vocational Training Model for employment of Youth with Disabilities” in Cairo, in co-operation with Basmet Amal NGO to enable the youth with disabilities to have access to employment opportunities based on market needs.

As Persons with disabilities in Egypt (12 millions) tend to be excluded from both the school and vocational training systems, more efficient methods may be provided through tailored vocational training. Our historic partner “Basmet Amal”, demonstrates high interest in developing a vocational training model for Youth with Disabilities in its educational centers, in which, youth will have equitable access to formal and informal skill training and employment opportunities in different target sectors. The project specific objectives/results are:

  1. Supporting Basmet Amal in designing their Technical and Vocational Education and Training model (TVET) for youth with disabilities based on appropriate labor market opportunities.
  2. Basmet Amal develop new initiatives with the civil society organizations on tailored vocational training for the youth with disabilities.
  3. Raising the community’s awareness (parents, business sector, and local authorities) on inclusion of persons with disabilities into the work force.


Asmae Egypt is willing to recruit a “Researcher/Consultant” for its pilot project “Developing Vocational Training Model for employment of Youth with Disabilities”, implemented in two districts in Cairo with our partner Basmat Amal NGO for youth with disabilities.

Understanding the labor market and business opportunities is vital for a demand-driven TVET system. Therefore, a comprehensive labor market survey will form the basis for different TVET interventions and facilitate understanding of important elements of the wider TVET system, from skill areas with market demand to the types of jobs and employment opportunities available, considering the specificities of the public targeted: youth with disabilities. The survey will also help to assess potential TVET providers and professional training institutions to find out their capacity and capability to offer quality skills training and professional courses demanded in the market and adapted to youth with disabilities.

Asmae is willing to support Basmet Amal’s educators in developing a TVET model for the youth with disabilities in their targeted educational centres. The first step is to provide them with the training skills needed by the market, identified thanks to the survey outcomes (selecting the professions / vocational / trade skills for their target beneficiaries based on market demand).

Given such, the labor market assessment to be implemented will identify:

  • The employment sectors in Egypt which provide employment opportunities for Youth with Disabilities,
  • The existing TVET models to adapt them to the needs/capacities of the YwD, especially in Basmet Amal centers.
  • Potential volunteer craftsmen/companies willing to take part in the future training sessions.

The survey will provide general information for TVET structures working with Youth with Disabilities, but will pay specific attention to Basmet Amal structure, providing adapted findings for developing TVET in its centers.

This includes gathering information on the following domains:

  1. Assessment of Basmet Amal centers’ needs, and identification of Youth with disabilities’ profiles.
  2. Identification of type of jobs that are available in the market that can be filled by TVET graduates, with a special focus on highly demanded skills for youth with disabilities –> Categorize immediate priority skills needs in the priority economic sectors into skill types and levels.
  3. Assessment of the capacity of TVET service providers in relation to the provision of identified market-demanded courses, including a detailed assessment of the capacity of government to deliver and support TVET initiatives.

For more information, please refer to the ToR enclosed

Candidates interested in the position are expected to provide the following documentation:

  • A technical proposal with detailed response to the TOR, with specific focus on the scope of work, methodology to be used and key selection criteria for respondents.
  • Initial work plan based on methodology outlined, and indication of availability
  • A financial proposal detailing the daily rate expected OR lump sum figure as GROSS including all taxes. Asmae will cover all transportation expenses related to this job.
  • Company profile or CV including a minimum of 3 references
  • Detailed budget breakdown based on expected daily rates.

Qualified candidates are requested to apply by email to stating the Survey title in the subject of their email.

Applications close date is 30th of May 2020 at 5:00 PM

Any applications received after this date will be disregarded.

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