Consultant: Business Planning for Oku Reserve and Community Forest Concessions

Purpose of the consultancy: Develop a Business Plan for selected Community forestry concessions schemes and for the proposed Oku reserve. The main aim of the consultancy is to identify tools and practical actions to render the villages more financially sustainable by exploring funding strategies that increase the level of self-financing, trust funds or other mechanisms.


Objectives: Under the supervision of the Kahuzi-Biega Project Manager, and in close cooperation with the local coordinators of the future reserve and CFCLs, the consultant will perform the following specific tasks, in addition to other actions that he/she deems appropriate to achieve the objectives of the mission:

  • Undertake a literature review of relevant reference documents.
  • Undertake semi-structured interviews/consultations with key stakeholders in the forest concession sector (government, NGOs, civil society, local communities, researchers, donors …) to understand current strategies, opportunities and barriers in relation to financing CFCL’s and the proposed protected area.
  • Undertake an analysis of the experiences in other countries with a similar background to that of DRC in terms of financing for protected areas and CFCL’s.
  • In collaboration with stakeholders, identify all financing options with potential relevance for DRC.
  • Undertake a thorough SWOT analysis of relevant sustainable funding options.
  • In a participatory manner, develop a vision for the financing of each of the three CFCL and the proposed reserve with a clear identification of the proportion of funding that could be “sustainable” and not reliant on external grants.
  • Analyze current cost structures of CFCL and protected area management.
  • Conduct an economic impact analysis for the proposed reserve.
  • In collaboration with the CFCLs and future reserve management committees, identify necessary activities in relation to the achievement of the objective of the Business Plan.
  • Identify and evaluate the most efficient scenarios to implement these activities and evaluate short-term financial needs (5 years) and projections for medium (10 years) and long term (15 years) needs.
  • Submit for discussion the results on sustainable financing options to stakeholders and collect feedback and edits.
  • Based on comments, draft a final Business Plan that documents sustainable funding options and describes the technical and financial aspects of strategy implementation as well as the roles of actors in its implementation.

Deliverables:  A Business Plan (validated by WCS) including a description of the financing vision and the financial sustainability strategy and funding mechanisms for the short, medium and long term. The final strategy must be submitted by 31 May 2020The focus should be on the development of a succinct and practical document that can serve as a tool for CFCL and protected reserve management in DRC.

Terms of the consultancy:  We envisage the consultancy will require a 1-week literature review, 3-week field visit, followed by a period of desk-based analysis/report preparation, with a maximum of 14 working days. The proposed timeframe is –April – May 2020.


  • Business qualifications with a minimum of an undergraduate degree in Business or related subject, and five years of relevant experience
  • Knowledge of Protected Area Management is desirable
  • French language is highly desirable but not essential

 Application: Please provide a CV, statement of interest and a proposed budget and calendar that responds to the deliverables outlined, and send to:

  • Dr Steeves Buckland (Project Manager, Kahuzi-Biega-Oku Landscape) –
  • Mr Didier Asuluka (Country Human Resource Manager)–

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