Consultancy – production of an advocacy report – inclusive education

Title of the Report: Tentative: ‘Multi-sectorial approach to disability-inclusive education: it works!’
HI Programme: Advocacy and Institutional Relations
Objective of the service: Report
Duration of the service: 6 working days (Between August & September 2020)
Location of the service: Consultant’s usual work location
ToR last updated: 13/06/2020
Please, send all required documents by 03/07/2020 to the following address:

This Report aims to make the case for a multi-sectorial approach to policy-making for disability-inclusive education, building on HI’s expertise and on relevant examples.

Specific objectives:

  • Provide policy-makers with a set of actionable recommendations for effectively achieving inclusive education for children with disabilities through the adoption of multi-sectorial policies on inclusive education including in times of crises, like the COVID 19;
  • Inspire policy-makers to take action and focus more on the multi sectorial approach to disability inclusive education with a twin-track approach by providing examples of impactful policies, successful practices, and relevant individual testimonies;
  • Lay down the key elements of HI’s distinctive narrative on inclusive education;
  • Make meaningful linkages with the health crisis related to COVID-19, by highlighting the need to build systems’ resilience and adopt multi-sectoral approach also during emergency and recovery phases.

A  Consultant will:

  • Select, collect eventual missing information, edit and integrate 5 examples/ testimonies/ and case-studies provided by HI Programmes across geographical areas that have the greatest potential to effectively support the arguments and the recommendation contained in the Report
  • Revise, adjust the structure, and consolidate the existing draft text, while ensuring coherence with the examples/ testimonies/ and case-studies, and on the basis of comments from the Editorial Committee.
  • Consolidate the elaboration of a ‘box’ about resilience of education systems during crisis and in the aftermath, highlighting HI multiple experiences in this field, including COVID.
  • Identify and draft 3 examples of countries and/or international organisations that have adopted and implemented a systemic approach to inclusive education, via the analysis of framework documents, education strategies, Education Sector Plans…

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