Call for proposals: External Audit (Ghana)

Project: Embedding community real-time monitoring to sustain livelihoods and forests in Central and West Africa – RTM Ghana

The Rainforest Foundation UK is commissioning a financial, accounting and logistical audit of the project Community-based community-based real-time forest monitoring implemented by Civic Response in Ghana, in partnership with RFUK, for activities between September 1st 2018 and 31 March 2020 to analyse, evaluate and improve management systems.

This audit is commissioned within the partnership agreement between Civic Response and RFUK relating to the implementation of the RTM project in Ghana. It aims at verifying the effective application of Civic Response’s administrative, financial, accounting and logistics procedures, and to ensure that material and financial resources made available to the project are used for the purposes for which they were granted.

Specifically, this will involve auditing Civic Response on the following aspects:

• Administrative management system;
• Financial management system;
• Accounting management system;
• Logistics management system.

Proposals should be submitted to, with “External Audit – Ghana” and your organisation in the reference field of the email.

Closing Date for Proposals: 15th January 2020 at midnight (UTC/GMT)

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