Inclusive Humanitarian response|NEW HI report : COVID-19 in humanitarian contexts: no excuses to leave persons with disabilities behind!

In conflict and disaster affected or fragile countries, the pandemic increases the discrimination against certain groups, including persons with disabilities, and the risks of contracting the virus and developing severe cases of COVID-19.

By sharing the voices of persons with different types of disabilities residing in different geographical areas, including refugees and internally displaced persons’ settlements and host-communities, this report aims also at shedding the light on the specific COVID-19 impacts and difficulties faced by displaced persons with disabilities.

This report compiles evidence from HI countries of operation (all included in the Global Humanitarian Response Plan on COVID-19) to illustrate the recommendations for an inclusive humanitarian response to COVID-19. It encompasses:

  • Quantitative data based on assessments on COVID-19 impacts on HI beneficiaries in 9 countries ;
  • Testimonies of beneficiaries and staff to illustrate these impacts from 10 countries.

These data cover different humanitarian contexts in Asia, North Africa, Middle East and Africa, and focus on exacerbated barriers and growing needs for persons with disabilities in various areas (livelihoods, food security, access to WASH, health, protection and COVID-19-related preventive measures).

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